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PLEASE STOP CALLING MY HOME.I do not respond to rude und unprofessional people.

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You might want to check out some of that information before you type any errors, well I'm sure just another typical debtor that needs to blame someone else.

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I've come across this thread by accident, and I've been thoroughly entertained. Hey David Schwimmer, I've especially enjoyed your posts. I use to work there up until 3 years ago. I've put in a fair amount of time there too (not saying how much, but I do have a BCR logo pullover windbreaker). Depending on where you were stationed it used to be a very profitable place to work. Of course every time I seem to fall into a group that's like that either the client pulled the business or I was transfer else where (much like how you were).

Anyway its sounds like a lot of people here complain simply about getting collection calls. I can tell you exactly how these calls go. They know a call is from a collection agency, yet they won't ID themselves. Then they asked a million questions, which the collector will only answer so many (being very nonspecific to prevent 3rd party disclosure). The person who answers the phone, wither it's the debtor or just a family member, will be evasive themselves and become extremely difficult and rude. If it is the debtor and they finally ID themselves the tone is set and they start yelling, cursing, and calling the collector names. The collector precipitates, then the debtor throws out one last belligerent insult and hangs up.

Word of advice: Don't expect to get anywhere yelling and screaming, and more often than not if act professional and use a professional tonality in your voice the collector will reciprocate that (although I admit that are collectors out there where that will never be the case). And if you really don't want calls send or fax them a cease and desist letter. Put it attention to one of there VPs David Winters. He's been with that company for over 10 years.

Now with those who are getting EBay letters that sounds like shoddy record keeping by EBay. Or they never verified the info in the first place, so whoever originally typed it in was making it up. How can you hold BCR accountable for accounts EBay places with them? It's obviously EBay's fault. You can find EBay's contact info in this thread:
Courtesy of, a great website.

And let me add something for those who say they never had AT&T wireless accounts (and I'm sure this goes for Cingular too). When I worked there we received a huge drop of business from AT&T Wireless, only they didn't tell us that drop was from a rinky dink cell phone company they bought out called L.A. cellular. I eventually figured it out from the debtors I called. So if you are getting a letter and you never opened an account with AT&T then it's probably a company they bought out. I know there are exceptions, but from my extensive cell phone collection experience the debtor usually knows that it's probably a cell phone company they used to have service with that was bought out, or they know it's for the phone they cosigned for their cousin, nephew, friend, or whoever. They know who lives at the billing address. Almost always with the right kind of probing the truth will come out. The rare exceptions usually do not hesitate in filing a police report (fraud report) to protect themselves.

Just a couple more final thoughts. Like it are not, the more irritating and rude you are with a third party, especially a relative who lives elsewhere or a neighbor (you can only legally do this if you don't have a good contact #), the more likely the call will be returned and therefore more likely the debt will get paid. Its just human nature. Also if you think BCR is bad, just wait till you (if ever) get a call from Academy Collections!!! You'll be yearning for the "customer service style" approach of BCR!

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To ex BCR bill collector,

You might have BCR logo pullover windbreaker, but some letters send BCR does not contain your company logo even and letters are not printed on company letter-head, as complained by ???InertiacticESP'.

Also people had problem in understanding your foreign accent. Few instances show that your company did not respond properly.

It is right that you are not accountable for the mistake done by the original creditor. But if the same problem is being reported for quite a long time, why don't you discuss it with your management and try to fix the problem?

Moreover, if you are a lawful debt collector then how can you continue collecting bills despite of knowing that the accounts are wrongly placed with you? No one is going to entertain your calls if he does not owe. I request your attention Mr. David Winter to solve this problem.

Thanks to this site.

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regarding a cingular bill bcr will not give me their address so I can send the money in the mail. nor will they send me any info on what I owe them in the mail Are the for real

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I have to send a check to BCR for an account that I had with AT&T but I don't know the address.
Is it possible to get it and any phone number to check if this is the same office?

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Carla GG,

Their contact address is listed here, please check it- tml

You can also check for their contact details with

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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I am a manager at the largest collection agency (NOT BCR)in the USA. The collection practices used by BCR are in voilation if the FDPCA laws. BCR has contacted me after 9pm at night, I called them and spoke to someone in there office after being on hold for 45 mins, then right after i hung up with them , another rep from there office called me regarding this account with AT&T and you can not understand the reps when they do call you. I have asked the reps if they had training on fdcpa and 2 of them stated they had never heard of FDCPA. I have disputed my account with AT&T for a year do to incorrect billing errors on ther side but can not seem to get them to fix this either. I have sent a cease and desist letter to BCR in hopes that they will violate this so i can turn the case over to an attorney to stop the harassment of 5-10 calls per day on my phone. And I had the same problem when I asked for there address they refused to give it to me too. I am very glad I do not work for them...

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i am a day sleeper that has a real job to go to at night. you and your company persist in herrasing me and refuse to give any information so that i can send a cease and desist letter so here it is cease and desist or i will let my lawyer in on your shady practice and have you dealt with. Thank you and dont ever call me again. The person you are looking for no longer lives here. Need i say more

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BCR's website (http://www.bureauofcollection. com/) has an online payment function which redirects you to (https://secure.univ

Neither domain name has a valid SSL certificate. That means your personal information will be broadcast loud and clear to any would-be hackers looking for a meal-ticket, ie, your credit card #, your personal identity, etc. If you don't believe me, please see these links to the WHOIS information as well:


Read the first few lines of both pages, you will notice this: "SSL Cert: No valid SSL on this Host, Get Secure"

Hope this helps. :)

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Send them cease and desist letter explaining the fact. Send it CMRRR. If they do not stop calling you after receiving the letter, file your complaint with FTC, BBB.

Hope this helps.

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stanley stanley

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