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Community Testimonials
On the basis of community suggestion I am adding a page for community testimonials. Please use the following format for testimonials (please attach a photo of yours with the post).

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Community Name:

As a community member I too have a testimonial to share. Here I go,
Community Name: Vikas
Location: 309 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA.
Testimonials: I was in debt but later recovered from it. I thought recovering from debt for one time is enough to enjoy healthy financial status for ever, but I was wrong. Managing personal finance is as important as handling old accumulated debts and DebtCC community helped me learn those simple tricks. I am very thankful to all the community members for teaching me so many things by sharing their experiences. As a community member I feel proud to recommend debt consolidation care community help for your financial need. Best wishes to DebtCC community.


Note: You can browse other experiences by our community members at .

The greatest thing about this site is finding out that I am not alone. I have learned so much from others in the forums in the short time that I have been here. I thank everyone for that.
I think the best thing is feeling empowered. I know I owe this debt, but I know there are laws that do protect me.
Thanks again!

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kscornell kscornell
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Community Name:Zachman
Location:NE Ohio
Testimonials:I fell into the trap of credit cards at a young age and it got out of control really fast. I got my first credit card with intensions of building up credit score so I would be able to buy a newer car. Well, the simplicity of buying it now and paying for it later got out of control. I am happy I found this forum. When I did, I was freaking out, and worried about money. Now, I have the mojority of my credit cards paid off and I am working to pay the remaining few off as well. Debtconsolidationcare helped me out tremendously.

Sub: #32 posted on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 21:33

Zachman Zachman

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Community Name: kswesterman
Location: Benton, AR
Testimontials: I found this site while searching for contact information for one of the PDL companies that I had a loan with. It never occurred to me until I found this site that I had any recourse against these companies. Everyone was great in helping me, and I have had 4 of the PDL's marked Paid in Full, and even received a refund on one of them. I had paid well over the original loan amount plus the allowable interest in my state on all of my loans, but just didn't see a way out. Thanks to this site and it's members, I have relieved much of my stress!

Sub: #33 posted on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 13:01

kswesterman kswesterman

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Community Name: amy445
Location: Ohio
Testimonial: I found myself earlier this summer needing help. So I did like many others and took out pdls thinking "This is only short term" Well, my financial life took a downward spiral from there. I felt trapped and penniless because of these pdls, I felt alone and that I had no hope of getting out of the cycle. But by chance one night I stumbled upon this site and it has been a GOD SEND. I have learned I'm not the only one in the pdl trap and that I have rights. I received good/sound advice from the members followed it by learning my state laws and rights. I followed the members advice and I am finding success with escaping the pdl trap. I've also learned how to improve my credit report/scores by learning from others. I could go on and on. This site is GREAT! I can now sleep at night without my calculator wondering how I will pay my bills. Thank You! (Soon to be PDL FREE!)

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I was so grateful to find this site. To read the stories of real, normal people who have made the same honest mistakes I have. Always nice to know we are not alone and that others have not only been there, but gotten through it. It helps so much to have unconditional support, along with the tons of truly helpful infomation. I feel for once I can start to see a light at the end of the pdl/debt cycle. God bless. This is a great community.

Sub: #35 posted on Tue, 11/07/2006 - 10:58

neensie neensie

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Wonderful! Neensie. We are glad you are feeling better. Please participate with us and share your comments on different topics here. It will be nice to listen what you say.

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Flying Cats Flying Cats

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I found this site while searching PAYDAY LOAN HELP.. I was like everyone else in big trouble.. not in default but close. I was so happy and surprised to find i was not alone.. I am waiting for a Paid in full on 4 PDL and only 2 more to go.. but I feel more in control.. I couldnt believe I made over 60k and fell in to this trap. Once I am done I can pay the CC off. And I hope in a year I can be debt free...

Sub: #37 posted on Tue, 11/07/2006 - 11:26

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Ok, let's keep this rolling.

Community Name: aciotsf
Location: DE
Testimonials: I got hooked to this website because of the quality of the information available here and the experiences of real people. A strong community that I see here cannot be built overnight. It takes time and patience. I am not in debt but I am glad to stay here and interact with people. If there is something on which I can post, I am glad to help.

Sub: #38 posted on Tue, 11/07/2006 - 11:50

aciotsf aciotsf

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Community Name: dbaker6
Location: OH
Testimonials: I found this site when surfing the net, looking into debt consolidation. I am so thankful for finding this site. I met so many knowledgeable, kind people here. When I first came here, I was scared and didn't have a clue what to do about my situation. The people here guided me step by step with resolving my debt, encouraging me all the way. I have also made wonderful friends here. I am very thankful for this site.

Sub: #39 posted on Mon, 01/01/2007 - 17:01

dbaker6 dbaker6

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Community Name DebtFairy
Location Sandy, Utah
Testimonial I joined debt consolidation Care only a few weeks ago. If I had joined sooner, I would have been several hundred dollars closer to having all my debts paid off. With the help I've received from community members of Debt Consolidation Care, my goal of being debt free this year will come much sooner than planned.

Sub: #40 posted on Wed, 01/03/2007 - 21:05

DebtFairy DebtFairy

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