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Medicredit: Why is it listed on my credit report?

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My name is Angela and I just signed up to recieve free credit reports from experian each month. Looking through my first report just now I noticed a supposed debt to a Medicredit Corporation. I have no idea who this is or how to go about finding out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what this debt is? The debt was marked with a KD as of August 01. (I'm not all that sure what the KD means, although I read the legend...) So it seems it would be an old debt, except I didn't have any credit then except my car. The total is only $148, but I want to get this cleared up asap with Medicredit Corporation.

This forum has nothing to do with any credit reports or collection agencies, this is a forum designed to assit people in getting out of debt, STAYING out of debt, dealing with collection agencies, credit bureaus, credit card companies etc.?? What company is showing on your credit reports, maybe we can assist you in finding their contact information?

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I have the same situation with Mericredit placing derogatory statements on my credit file on a debt that I have no clue about. After searching the net for their contact info I called them and ID'ed myself using my SSN (which I hate doing) but I didnt have an account number, long story short the agent gave wrong address and my name except it had "Jr" on the end of it which I quickly informed her that both were not belonging to me and to my surprize she told me to file a police report beause someone stole my Identity and she refused to remove the remark from my credit file and she refused to give me any account information stating that because it belonged to someone else that she couldn't legally give it to me. So I have sent them a DV letter and since reading this post an seeing their lack of reponse to the other DVs I also filled a complaint with the Financial Institutions Division for the state of Nevada to who will force them to respond so I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who have posted here

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It does not seem to be an isolated incident with this collect agency. They dont notify you about the debt, they just report you to the credit bureaus and then you find about it when you are denied credit. Besides that they try to collect late fees and interest which is ilegal. I just file my complain wit the Federal Trade Commision and everyone that has the same problem should do it too. Here is the link

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I work as a collector for medi credit. In most of these cases where people do not receive a validation letter it is because we are supplied with an incorrect address from the hospital or utility company to begin with. If we have no address, if people do not answer their phones, or if we have an old phone number, we research and try to locate some information about the person we are trying to reach (skip tracing). If skip tracing does not work, the only option left is to simply report to the credit bureaus with the debtor never being notified.

As far as collecting on interest: we collect interest only from our clients that charge interest on past due accounts. Typically when you fill out paperwork for your hospital visit, energy provider, etc. the paperwork will tell you whether or not they charge interest on past due accounts. The interest we collect usually goes to our client depending on the type of payment agreement they have with us. This is well within the law since you sign stating you will pay interest if your account goes past due. You should read everything before you sign, though most people do not.

As far as payment arrangements. I make payment arrangements all day long. I am not rude or mean to the people I talk to, however, if someone is screaming and swearing and threatening me (which happens everyday) I am less inclined to help. Also, alot of people do not want to provide information which makes it impossible for us to set up an arrangement. Our clients send accounts to us because they want them paid off, we can make arrangements under the condition that we get financial information such as major outgoing expenses and income. We HAVE to do this per the contract we have with our clients. Many of our clients also offer settlements that we can extend to the debtor. If you are talking to someone who doesnt want to work with you, hang up, and get someone else.

As a side note, we the collectors do not have access to our clients direct phone numbers. Many people want to contact the client directly to ask questions or verify the debt. This is fine, however, you won't get the phone number from a collector because the client basically does not want to deal with the bill any longer, and therefore provide us (the collectors) with no contact number we can give out.

I hope this helps.

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First of all maybe MediCredit should try using a paid skip trace service because I know I show up on intellus with my current contact information.

Secondly you preach that debtors dont read the fine print before they sign as being responsible for the debt in relation to the fees that you impose on accounts.. So why can't Medicredit send a copy of the contract that the debtor signed? wouldnt this solve most of the disputes that people have with your office?

And perhaps you might be able able to explain why medicredit attempts collections from the insured guarantor rather than the person that signed the aggreement that you speak of?

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First of all we (Medicredit), do not have access to the forms the patient signs when they go to the Dr.'s office, hospital, etc. Our clients can not give us this do to federal laws, it would be a HIPAA violation for them to do so. If you want to see what was signed you have to go back the actual provider.

Medicredit collects from the guarantor because, that is the person that "guarantees" payment to the provider. Medicredit does not determine who we collect from. Once again, that information comes from the service provider. If you dislike that practice you will have to take it up with the healthcare system in general.

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First of all the contract signature of the person that has signed as being responsible for the debt has nothing to do with the HIPPA laws as it has nothing to do with the medical issue of the patient it is merely the ???contract for payment???. And a true Bill Collector for their client is able to produce this key piece of evidence to where a Junk Debt Buyer such as your company Medicredit Inc. can???t provide it as they buy debts for pennies on the dollar and most of the time do not have any real claim to the debt and 99.9% of the time cant even produce the required documents in court to support their claim unless they can get a default judgment by using an incorrect address due to the fact that the claimed debtor doesn???t show up in court because they had no knowledge of the claim or the summons.

Secondly and probably most important the ???insured guarantor??? does not ???guarantee??? payment to the provider the ???guarantor??? is the person that signed as ???being responsible for the debt??? this is basic contract law. And by you not having the above mentioned ???contract signature???

Thirdly it is the responsibility of the debt collector to prove the debt belongs to the debtor. Not the debtor???s responsibility to prove their innocence.

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Medicredit does not "buy debt", the debt still belongs to the hospitals we collect for. We regularly sue and garnish wages with no problems because, the hospitals and Dr.'s offices we collect for provide all necessary documentation.

Once again, you can request your signed documents from the service provider, they will NOT give this documentation to a debt collector for fear of lawsuit. Typically the paperwork will ask for the reason for the visit, this is why hospitals, etc., will not give it to the collection companies they hire.

It is actually the responsibility of the debtor to prove the debt is not theirs. If it is something that has already been paid it is easily provable through insurance documents, copies of checks, or bank statements. I have to help people correct errors regularly because hospital billing departments make errors. Yes, it is the responsibility of the debtor to provide proof when there is a mistake because, afterall, it is the debtors bill even if it is wrong. If there is something on a credit report or a bill in collections that is truly not the debtors, this is a case of Identity Theft or fraud and has to be reported to the police. If you just wait for someone else to do leg work for you, you will get nothing resolved and hurt yourself in the long run.

If you find something on your credit report that you do not recognize or get a collections letter, call the company listed. Find out what information they have, what company or bank or medical bill they are collecting for. If you still don't recognize it ask for copies of bills or itemized statements and file a dispute with the company while you are trying to validate the debt; contact the place they are collecting for and find out what it is, when it happened etc.....You should be able to find the information you are looking for.

If you want to know about laws regarding collections look up FDCPA, all collections laws and practices can be found. You can also look up HIPAA if you want to know about medical billing and collection information.

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You need to go back and ask your compliance officer for more training on the FDCPA and HIPAA laws. For example if you can't obtain the contract with the debtor's signature on it showing that they agreed to be responsible for the debt due to fears of HIPAA Lawsuits. Then how is it possible that you would have in your possession and even forward a "billing statement" from the doctor's office which usually contains information relating to the reason why the patient was seen and information relating to the treatment of the patient? Are you saying that one is covered under HIPAA and the other is not?

You also state that "We regularly sue and garnish wages with no problems because, the hospitals and Dr.'s offices we collect for provide all necessary documentation." Are these default judgments? If not then I would love to see how you proved to a Judge, your right to collect fees and interest as governed by a "signed contract", your right to collect the claimed debt. In the court's eyes you would have to prove the debtor owes the debt.

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I got a bill from Medicredit, INC which I never had a contact with. I was totd to pay $70.00 and $7.54 for interest that I do not know where is it come from.

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