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Medicredit: Why is it listed on my credit report?

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My name is Angela and I just signed up to recieve free credit reports from experian each month. Looking through my first report just now I noticed a supposed debt to a Medicredit Corporation. I have no idea who this is or how to go about finding out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what this debt is? The debt was marked with a KD as of August 01. (I'm not all that sure what the KD means, although I read the legend...) So it seems it would be an old debt, except I didn't have any credit then except my car. The total is only $148, but I want to get this cleared up asap with Medicredit Corporation.

I have been trying for a week to get their contact info. Thanks for posting.

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I have been trying for a week to get their contact info. Thanks for posting.

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I was very surprised to find insignificant charge on my credit report since always have kept a closed medical network... never have used any medical service outside my doctors relations. So, it is credit spam or fraud...

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Try calling the medicredit in corona ca

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Has anyone had a successful dealing with MediCredit?  We just got notice that they put something on our Credit Report. The bank just informed us.  Until now we've had perfect credit, and I have 6 different phone numbers for them.  I believe the claim is probably from when the State of CA was not paying its MediCal (Medicare) bills a couple of years ago (only thing I can think of) I also have to deal with state bureaucracy to try to get a payment.  Thanks for all the information on this forum - I really learned a lot about collection laws.

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Is this a scam or something? How did I owe money to this corpation before I was even 18? I'm almost 20 now, and I just found this out. No wonder why I've been denied for credit cards, and why the bankers were suspicious of me when I opened up a checkings account. What's more annoying is that I never was notified of this. Over three years and I never recieved no thing in the mail. Ugh, looks like I have to wait till the weekend over to get this cleared.

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Can anyone help me out? I want to send the debt validation letter, but I can't find an address/email to send it to

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sorry to hear abotu your son. many hospitals overbill because they can. there are limits and collections from medicredit are also controlled by the fair debt collection act . they have a nice website and have lots of information. look at bulldog on this web site.

good luck ironstone

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Worse company to deal with!!! Most people that work there are incompetent. You can't get a receipt or confirmation receipt when you pay on line and if you pay it off you have to wait 10+ days to get anything in writing from them. Oh and you'll be lucky if you even get a bill in the mail to begin with. You won't even know you have a collection until u see ur credit report.

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Unregistered is not the function of collection agencies to customer service you with things like receipts. You have the payment listed on your debit card statement as a receipt. They are not a billing service...they are a demand agency. If you wanted customer service, you should have paid your account on time.

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