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How do I find out if Daniels and Norelli are licensed in my state to collect debt? They are a very rude collection/attorneys office.

I have received a few calls from a Mr. John Lannigan asking for my husband. When I told him he was not available at that time he asked if I was his wife and started questioning me on the account he was calling about. I told him I was not familiar with the company he mentioned and he would have to call back. Then he started asking me about other accounts or credit cards we might have, which I did not think was any of his business. Today he called and I told him I would take a number, he gave it to me then asked me to read it back to him. I told him it was on my caller ID and then he said that was not the number he was giving and from there got very abusive about our credit history and the way we handle our business. I asked him about his credit history and how he handles his business and he did not respond to that question. My husband has been very sick for ten years, me for five and we are both on disability. Yea, our credit history is bad due to some hard circumstances but at least when we were working we didn't make a living harrassing older people about their credit. Daniels and Norelli stationary states across the bottom - "This communication is fram a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information oftained will be used for that purpose. Daniels & Norelli, P.C. is only licensed to practice law in the State of New York".

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They have called me several times and now they called my inlaws home who knows nothing of this matter. One... I dont know anything about this account and now they called my inlaws and are telling them all this info that isnt even true. You can imagine my embarresment.. My father inlaw has a big mouth..

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I have a court date coming up with them - they filed a summons, I was served by mail and I answered it within the alloted time. I wrote debt validation letters last year to them and in response I received a sheet made up by them but no other backup to state the debt is really mine - nothing with my signature or anything. I want to argue that what they sent isn't validation. Any thoughts?

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I posted the court date back on July 8. I served the lawyer at the new hearing a Demand for Discovery, and he immediately adjourned.

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These guys are not even licensed in the State of NY ! Check it out ! https://a069-web .

Its time to bring the crooks to justice ! Lets' post this information all over the internet !!!

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I had an outstanding debt that I just about completely settled. I paid a total of $4,600.00 of the total $5,600.00 and have the cashed money orders, in addition to the satisfaction letter. They just recently started garnishiering my wages for the ENTIRE amount. I have retained a lwayer and currently have a court date suing the, for harrassment, slander, and some other legal mumbo jumbo my lawyer is familiar with. By the time I am done....I promise I will be the one laughing. My lawyer says we have them by the balls because thankfully, I am an EXTREMEMLY organized person and retain everything as far as records. Lets see what happens!

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After reading up on this so called company (enforcers, bullies are probably better words), I realized that they are simply clowns looking to scare you into mis-action. I just received a letter from them and while the communication at the bottom reads "This communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose." it has no mention of them only licensed to practice law in the State of New York as Anonymous posted. I live in Florida and wonder if that little bit of info was intentionally omitted...

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I filed two complaints on Daniels and Norelli with the Federal Trade Commission. I suggest you do the same. They are violating dozens of fair debt collection practices rules and regulations and they should be punished for their tactics. They've threatened my Grandmother, my Father, and told me they'd throw me in jail on a debt that I was already paying on through In Charge Debt Solutions. They bought my debt from Bank of America, added $3000 to it, and started the harassing phone calls. Even though I've taken that debt from $9000 (originally $6000) down to $1900 in 4 years, they still call to harass me every 6 months. I just hang up on them, because they just start screaming in the phone and I can't even attempt to talk to them. I don't know how they're still in operation. File a complaint on FTC website if you want them to be held accountable for their unfair tactics.

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Originally Posted by toohotnky
How do I find out if Daniels and Norelli are licensed in my state to collect debt? They are a very rude collection/attorneys office.

Answer Please!

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Daniels and Norelli is a thuggish company. They need to be reported to the New York State attorney general. They harass, are hostile and rude on the telephone, and violate any number of laws about weekend calls, work calls, and after-hours calls. If you're being pestered by Daniels and Norelli, immediately contact the NYS Attorney General's office.

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