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Does anyone have the address or telephone number for an internet payday loan company CMG Group. I would appreciate your assistance. Also, FYI, I have registered with a payday loan consolidation company named langhorne debt solutions. They are wonderful.

I received an email response from CMG Group. This is after making my call to their offices and by sending an email with needed info's and my level of awareness pertaining to my account security, personal security and their level of negative impact on people receiving loans through their services.

Here's the email response:

Mr. [My Last Name Here],
Please advise; do you wish to have this loan reversed, so you would not have a finance charge, this could be set up for [Date] or do you wish to pay in full on [Date] as you did call our office and request a payoff on [Date].

River Elk Services
Customer Service
Phone: 1-855-284-7682
Fax: 1-855-284-7683

Contacting this group and telling them you are documenting every aspect of this process seems to get the level of service we desire and the results we expect.

Again.. I hope any of this helps.

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In response to the gaga.. I think you have misinterpreted MY PERSONAL CONCLUSION. That all pertains to my own experience / opinion. I represent no group such as this so for you to hastily jump to that conclusion is a bit.. immature.

If you read my post CAREFULLY.. which I was hoping you would had. I stated that I had dealt with this before.. as I have needed it like most that needed it. I was scared when I saw this in my bank statement. For those that have it randomly pop up in their accounts.. there must be a reason for this.. the group (as I am assuming) is just taking info from applications that one has filled out and passed around.

I take these loans and to avoid the spam I use a temporary number.. I also said that AFTER I PAY OFF THE LOAN.. I cancel the number.. again.. AFTER I PAY OFF THE LOAN. I did not "advise" anyone to not pay off a loan. I am simply trying to present an option of awareness and safety.

So please.. don't attack me.. I see no gain in such things nor accuse me of being with one of these groups.. I am a working class citizen who happens to take the extra steps to safe-guard myself.. and more importantly.. my family.

Thank you

PS: I found great relief in finding this community and it's knowledgeable based community. It gave me the edge I needed to get the results that I got.

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Be aware these people are SCAMMERS!!!!! Once again my family is being sued by this company for a loan we never took out. They claim the money was deposited into an account we closed a month before the alleged deposit was made. We have checked with that particular account and there was NO activity after the date we closed it. We now have to go through another grueling process to prove it was not us who took out this loan. Not only did they "deposit" into a closed account they don't even have our contact information correct. One would think that would be enough proof to clear our names from the fraud they are accusing us of.

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I recieved a call this morning from the National Check Registry Fraud division stating that I took a loan out in Oct of last year with this company, which I NEVER did, and that because I didn't pay them they are now sueing me for $1,700.00 for a $300.00 loan. I found the phone number for the CMG group and called but they won't give me any information at all about anything unless I give them my ss number...I dealt with ID theft about 10 years ago at which time my attorney said I should not give ANY personal information out over the phone. What do I do now? Please help!

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