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I got a payday loan through some company that was a front for JD Marketing Group. This payday loan was not like any of the others that I did, as they do not let you know when they will be taking money out of your checking account. Any other payday loan that I did, I would receive an email that asked if I wanted to pay in full or refinance. But JD Marketing doesn't send out any notices, they just take their finance charge out and refinance your loan with no notification. Is that legal? I tried to find some kind of correspondence from when I first received the loan, but I couldn't find anything. I don't know if they didn't send it, or if I deleted it though. I tried to call and see if they could help me out by counting the money that I already paid towards the loan amount, but he refused to do so. So know I don't know what to do. Do I have any legal leg to stand on here?

close your account!! open a new one

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i gota payday loan years ago and they say they have ben tryn to contact me (jd marketing) well now i get a call sayn i need to go to court for fraud how can i validate this to make sure im paying somebody legit

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That number does not work for JD Marketing. I got a call from a toll free number stating that my husband has a payday loan from them and that our bank account is not valid. The guy mentioned a bank that we have not had in ovewr 2 years and has my husbands SS number and our address. I hope this information helps, but the people that called me was Lock & Butler and the number for them is 888-491-5986

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Can somebody provide a valid phone number for JD Marketing>?The ones listed are invalid.
They are taking 75.00 out of my account every two weeks and have not contacted me to pay it off in full.

866 722 2136 tele
866 722 2137 fax

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I have calls from this collection agency and they wanna take me to jail because of internet fraud. Is anyone in the same position as me? I get calls everyday.

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I deal with JD Marketing and Carmen all the time. It sounds like you were trying to scam them.
Obviously you did not provide correct information.

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whatevs humanoid.just another beauty defending the illegal pdl you work for.take a hike mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you can, steer clear of ALL payday loan companies. They are ripoffs. They charge exhorbitant fees. Go borrow the money from a friend. You are better off. If you keep becoming involved with these payday loan companies, trust me, it will become a vicious cycle. You will have to change your bank account to secure your funds. They will STEAL from you. So, be careful. You are definitely on the correct site. This site armed me with so much information that was correct. That was the only was I got my life back from pdloans.

Lastly, many of these companies are operating illegally and in most states, they can only collect the principal of the loan. Keep researching on this site. If it were not for debt consolidate care, I would not know what I know about pdloan companies. If you can, try not to apply for any more loans. Hunker down and do a budget, it will get better.

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they did the same to me

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