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832-476-1740 - Has anyone dealt with Avante USA?

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Anyone know of an address for these guys? Phone # that came up is (832) 476-1739

Originally Posted by Anonymous
This is not true, AvanteUSA will answer their phones between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM ,they are very happy to correct any issues that arise and save you $ on your issue.

you must work for AvanteUSA.

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Has anyone that had to deal with this company actually seen them on your credit report after they have talked with you? They are calling me about a 5 year old debt that I do not have any knowledge about. THey told me that it will go on my credit report if I don't pay and offered to pay the settlement amount. They're saying its from a school I went to 5 years ago and my loans never covered it. I might have screwed myself because I did talk to them because I'm hopefully buying a house soon and am scared about not getting a loan if anything "bad" is on my account.

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ABSOLUTELY get a lawyer, and also file a complaint with your state's Attorney General. They are trying to collect a debt from someone other than the debtor.

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Avante reps are rud and relentless. I canceled Bally contract after attempting to go to the gym 3 times total all within one week. Could not deal with the filth -dirty carpet, nasty locker room, and bathroom. And the lack of training from so called trainers -unattentive and disinterested in helping with anything including complaints. Avante rep told me that if I did not pay the full amount due Ballys -I will be taken to court. Then he tried to make a deal with me to pay in full over the phone. I was furious because I'm telling him that I don't owe Ballys a dime, never used the gym and called and canceled. I get several calls daily including my home and cell phone. What can be done.

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You should ask Avante USA representative to validate your debt when they call you the next time. They will be able to validate the debt only if they own it. If they cannot validate your debt within 30 days, you can ask them to stop calling you by sending them a cease and desist letter.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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We were contacted by AvanteUSA for a school debt from Arizona. The shady 8 year old debt aside, I discovered that AvanteUSA is not legally licensed to practice collection business in my state. I've contacted our Department of Finance and they were more than happy to take their information and a copy of their letter to me and contact them. So check your state's department of finance and see if there's a list of licensed collection agencies. They may not have the right to call you at all.

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They called my wife a worthless B**CH and said they would stop if she would pay her fing bill. My wife explained that it was their trial membership not the full and we moved out of the area. They also said they didnt care and would ruin our lives. If I get a hold of the persion that talk to my wife from them this way they will see whos life will be ruined. They need to go away or have a class action law suit filed against them under the new laws for collectiuon agencies. Than bally's needs to be sued for false rep.

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Anna, what you're stating is false. First, you must request validation of debt in writing. Asking over the phone doesn't get you anywhere. Secondly, there is NOTHING that states they must validate within 30 days. And finally, you can actually send a C&D at any time. That's your right. The problem is that if the debt is valid, you're likely to get sued.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Called today by a Jason Williams asking for someone that does not work for my attorney office... Evidently he thought I was lying and wanted to talk to my "manager" I advised you are aware you are calling an attorneys office correct? His response was I'm through talking to you put your manager on the phone.... Lol it is an attorneys office... Good luck with these guys Jason Williams is obviously an unintelligible debt collecting scum...:p

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Justin Williams* apologies

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