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i need the phone number for this address thats on my credit report.500 technology drive weldon spring mo. 63304.please if anyone let me know.

I called verizon 500 technology drive and ask the people there to send me an invoice and where to make payment to and they stated they sent it to my old address where i lived two years ago. I called in march 2009 when i received my credit report and gave them my current address. As i was switched over 5 times with a duration of 1hour, i finally got a lady stating they will send a "dummy invoice" out and said that payments are to be made over the phone. I never heard of such a ridiculous thing. How are we suppose to keep a paper trail of something that shows up on our credit report. The # i have is 1-866-212-7408 to make payments. Moreover, the lady couldnt even tell me when the statement would be mailed out. She said they have a lot of clients and had no idea of when i would recieve the invoice/statement. That is the worst collecting agency anyone should be involved with. Verizon should give the bad debt accounts to other individuals that work more accurate.

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Verizon New England Inc.

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RPM PO Box 1548 Linwood, Washington. 98036
Tel: 866-212-7408

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Here is what I found:


(877) 325-5156

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I just checked my credit report and found the same address but with no phone number. I have verizon but according to the report they cut my service off back in September which is not the case. I have paid all my bills on time and still have service. Not sure where this came from.

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I have the same situation as you above that have been marked on their credit report as not paying. I called Verizon (877) 325-5156. They admitted to the wrong and said not only with the correct it as PAID but remove the complaint from my record completely.

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I never had an account with Verizon and I have the same issue. There may be a fraud or scam in progress. I may have to contact the better business bureau or an investigation department.

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I have tried everything with these people can anyone help me get this off of my credit report. I disputed it with experian and they tell me it was verified and mine. Thre is no freaking way it is mine if it is then I opened an account with verizon when I was 4 years old. Please help I have tried all the numbers above and no one will help me. Me and my wife are trying to get our first house and I can't with this on my report. HELP!!!

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i used to work for this company back in 05---it was then MCI phone company but was soon bought out by Verizon and alot of the paperwork and customers were excuse my french but dicked around about payments and such that were sent in around that time. This may be the reason that you all have this on your credit reports---the only way to fix it is to either prove u never had them for your phone company or send in proof of your payment to them by sending in your full bank statement showing the payment taken from that time

500 Technology Drive
Weldon Spring, Missouri, 63304 is what it was then and now it is Verizon with the same address

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The number is 877-325-5126

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