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I am unable to find any contact information for Midland Funding. I have a debt that I would like to pay off, but the lawyer that is sueing me does not answer the phone...


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I was summoned to court by a lawyer representing Midland and she was not able to provide me with info other then the store the account was supposedly opened with. I filed a police report as I have never opened an account with that store the police officer & myself were on speaker phone together & we called the store and they verified that I do not and have never had an account with them. Something is fishy here. I googled this Midland only to find many, many complaints. Apparently they buy debt and then go after everyone with the same or similar names. Shame on you!

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Did you answer the summons? Did you go to court?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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i have gone thru h_ll with creditors, i am on disability and they dont care. If you call the better business beaureu you can talk to someone and they will tell you your rights and mail you an informaiton packet. you can also talk to a lawyer but make sure that is what he specializes in. They know all the laws. you can also get a free consultation to get help and more info from consumer credit counseling 1-800-327-6788. i know that creditors are only allowed to call at certain times of the day and only so many times per week. they cant pretend to be a lawyer or threaten you. it made me physically ill. i was so stressed. i was served papers and finally filed chapter 7. we the consumers have so many rights that are not aware of so get informed. take note of everytime they call. there name, time. date that they called. what was said and if you can record the phone calls. they cant refuse any money from you. My lawyer made my life so much easier. But like i said make sure you get the right kind. Many of them say they specialize in that when they dont. check there credentials. They do all the work and you should never have to make calls or deal with the creditor after that. the cheapest way to get info is the better business bureau and the consumer credit counseling. they can give tons of info. there are bad people out there and it will not stop until there are stronger laws put in place. so get informed. i did and my life is so much better know. and it was all because of phone calls.

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I just received a collections notice from Midland's agency (First national). When I asked for Midland's number they stated that Midland would only send me back to them (the collection agency). Through more digging over the Internet I was able to find a number for Midland Fundings Parent company.


I spoke with a person on the phone and they referred me to Customer Relations at extension #32980 of number above. This office is open from 8am Pacific Standard Time.

Be prepared with the MCM number for the account in question.

As of today; 4/7/2011; I was told that in my case they were going to remove the information from my credit report, send me confirmation of this, and remove my information from the account all together.

We shall see if this happens.

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Good luck! :-) Hope you're able to sort out the matter.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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For anyone who has had a problem with Midland Funding LLC and any of their other alias, I just received a class action lawsuit that has been filed against them. They are going to paying alot of people back their money including me!

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I called this # today after being served court summons and talked with someone who is willing to allow me to make payments and resolve the court case He was very helpful. 1-800-282-2644

Midland Credit Management
P O Box 60578
Los Angeles, Ca 90060-0578

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Please e-mail me any info you have
THank You

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