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Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Moore = disgrace to human

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This mickey mouse outfit called Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Moore is truly out to ruin lives. They slapped a judgment against my house, on the account that my name was similar to the guy they want. After informing them that they have the wrong guy, they kept demanding all sorts of information from me: DOB, SOC, address, full names etc so that they can ascertain that I am not their man. After all this was provided, they still refuse because one of them claimed that I raised my voice in dealing with them.
I simply explained that I did not ask for my name to be mixed up with someone else's. Neither is it funny for me to be furnishing all my personal info to a sloppy company like Blatdgemet, Hasenmiller, Leibsker & Moore.
Anyways, I am still waiting for a letter correcting their mistake. It has yet to come. There is still a judgement against my house and I am just supposed to smile and be cool with these riffrafs. Oh well

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Do not contact BHL&M to deal with or make an agreement or rely on them to help you with this debt thats not yours. BHL&M tells people they will help but they dont. You have to appear in court when their is a court date to answer questions or you have to go to the clerks office and request an earlier court date than whats listed. All you have to do is show the judge who you are and show the judge who the debt belongs to. Request to the judge you want to see the original information from the original creditor from BHL&M and the judge will give BHL&M 30-days to provide or the judge will dismiss the debt. The biggest thing you must do is APPEAR IN COURT no matter what people tell you. Failure to show will HURT your credit and paycheck. DO NOT CONTACT BHL&M - they

Hi!..I have 2 going with Blatt now...How did you win?..I have sent them 2 DV letters and have got nothing back..Got the Summons to appear ...Any advice?..Thanks!...

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The fight begins The fight begins

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I am also a victim of Blatt, Hasenmiller Liebsker & Moore. They garnished my wages for a debt in a different person's name (really, really different!). This one came from Palisades Collection in New Jersey, a real scam group. I have done a lot of research on both of these companies. They will keep trying, so beware! What can you do? This is the route I am taking. I contacted a law firm, they reviewed my documents etc and they accepted the case against both firms for violations of the FDCPA laws. If enough of us continue to pummel these firms with lawsuits, I am going for punitive damages because they were warned back in 2005-2006 not to do the very things they continue to do. You should contact an attorney that is comfortable with FDCPA laws. The first one I spoke to wasn't comfortable with it and I sought out another. Palisades and Blatt are junk debt collectors and part of Asta Funding, a publicly traded firm. There are previous suits that judges awarded punitive damages against Asta Funding since that's were the money is. I have all the docs! Also, in Arizona a woman and her attorney have the go ahead to file a class action suit against them. File now against them before they try to do the bankruptsy thing.

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victimofblatt victimofblatt

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You need to contact a collection attorney. It's against the FDCPA laws to touch disability, SS income checks, etc. Google FDCPA and read what your rights are! Then Google to find an attorney that will review your info. Mine reviewed the garnishment they put on me, and it isn't even my debt, or a relative. No relation at all, but they put my ss# on the garnishment. I have an attorney now, no out of pocket expense going after Blatt, Hasenmiller, Liebsker and Moore. We will win because I have all the docs proving they garnished the wrong person!!!!

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victimofblatt victimofblatt

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Confirmed. Blatt, Hasenmiller, Liebsker and Moore do claim to be attorney's, but they aren't. They are collection agents and therefore required to follow the FDCPA laws. But they don't. Anyone that didn't owe the debt that they are pursuing you for, contact me!!!! I have been investigating this firm for 5 months now and have a lot of docs that you can use. You need to get an attorney that is comfortable with FDCPA laws. You also need to know your rights, look up FDCPA. We need to share information to help each other and get these SOB's!

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victimofblatt victimofblatt

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I had my wages garnished by them, and my name is completely different than the name on the garnishment. They stuck my social security number on the garnishment for someone else so I sued them. It's going to court soon. You need to do the same!!!!! You will win, I can almost guarentee it. This firm is underhanded, and collect debts illegally. They are not an attorney firm, they are just debt collectors posing as attorneys.

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They garnished my wages for a debt owed by someone else completely. The name isn't even close to mine. I did a lot of research, called them, they panicked and refunded some of the money they garnished, BUT NOT ALL! You can sue them and get more than they owe you under FDCPA laws!!!!! Do it!!! They more lawsuits filed against them the stronger the case we have for a class action. Mine is in progress, and I WILL GET THEM!!! I even got the document with the debtors name and my ss# that Blatt added to it. I have them dead to rights and they will pay!!! Can't wait to go to court !!

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[COLOR=black]The truth does matter!!! I had a wage garnishment from Palisades and Blatt, Hasenmiller, Leibsker for a debt that wasn't mine. Asta Funding, Palisades parent company buys outdated (old) debts and then they put SS# from people that have good credit (they purchase these SS#'s that have been scraped from BofA and Citibank employees). They put the good SS# on the old uncollectable debts and issue wage garnishments or bank levys to collect money. I pursued this and I WON AGAINST PALISADES AND BLATT. Here's how to do it. Go ahead and hire an attorney that specializes in FDCPA laws. The attorney will send demand letters to Palisades and Blatt. They won't respond. Then the attorney will file suit against them(yes, file against both Palisades and whatever attorney they are using). You will get a response then, I guarantee it!!! The find for what they are doing is only $1000, but they will pay your attorney fees too! After it's settled, and they will settle!! Then send all docs to your State Attorney General and your State Congressman or Representative demanding tougher penalties on collection companies. THIS WILL STOP THIS MADNESS. The more pressure we put on them, we can put them out of business. [/COLOR]

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iwonagainstpalisades iwonagainstpalisades

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I saw your post on here while doing a search for this firm I just recieved a letter from threatening a lawsuit for money I owe. I do owe the money and am looking to pay it off with payments I can afford. Any advice you can give me in regards to your dealings with them would be greatly appreciated.

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My strong advice is to file compalints against Blatt, Hassenmiller.

Fille them with your staes Attorney Generals office and FTC (Federal trade Commission) - bot hshould have websites to do this.

To stop the calls send a registered letter to these jokers with a CEASE and DESIST letter - copy your attorney.

They scum of the earth collections. They buy old debt and add ALL the fees permissible by law. I owed $3000 from 2001 and now they say I owe $18,000.

All they want to do is garnish your bank accounts and wages.

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They have got to be in violation of some law or Act. You should find an attorney who would sue them for damages including their fee - on a contingency basis. I would. Look up the Fair Trade Practices Act.

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