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Today I was contacted at home and at my father's home where I have not lived for 19 years by Mr. Louis Petrone (possibly Patron).

At my current home he left a message saying that he was investigating me for bad checks and would get the police involved. He left the same message at my father's home.

Am I wrong or is it illegal for these bottom feeders to leave messages detailing why they are calling on answering machines or with people who are not me personally.

Curious to see what this was about I called Mr. Petrone's number and all it says is "this is Louis Petrone, investigator. Leave your name, phone number and time of day to reach you and I will call you at my convenience." I left nothing.

Then I got a call from Makari (maybe Markari Law Firm), from Mr. Jeffrey Page telling me to call him back. So I called that number. I swear it was Mr. Petrone playing operator at this law firm. He called me honey and baby no less than 3 times in about 2 sentences. I told him he would address me by my name as I didn't know him and those forms of address were completely unprofessional. He laughed and said "Well I see you're having a bad day." I hung up on him then.

Has anyone had dealings with this person or people or Markari Law Firm?

These people keep calling me and my parents. The woman who call, Mrs. Somers, phone number 214-306-5654. She says she wants to have the sheriffs serve me with court papers. She says I am going to be charged with a felony!! But I can avoid that if I pay them $900 immediately. She continues to harass me. I don't know what to do.
Any suggestions please email me at [email][/email ]. Thanks.

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What a nightmare. CAll your lawyer and have them served /with summons. Play on a field where all have equal "rights" the courts.

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ave a lawyer sue them

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