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Rockwell Financial Group in Miami Florida offering me a $5K

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I started out looking online for a loan to consolidate some bills. I have lousy credit so I was having a pretty hard time of it. I was contacted on the phone by a company by the name of Rockwell Financial Group in Miami Florida offering me a $5,000 personal loan at 6%. I asked them to FAX me the information which they did. They wanted $900.00 by Western Union to process my loan in 24 hours. I made the mistake of trusting them and drained my bank account depending on the $5,000 to be there the next day. The very next day they called me wanting $900.00 more. I told them there was no way and they promised to refund my money by the following Monday. That never happened. Well I thought okay, maybe I can cash in one of my life insurance policies and at least recoup my losses. The Insurance company told me it would take 2 weeks to process. I panicked, I took out 5 payday loans to try and make my car payment and mortgage hoping that the insurance policy would be enough. Two weeks later I was only able to pay off 1 of them with the cash from my life insurance policy and now I can't pay the rest. I have already closed my bank account and reopened a new one to prevent the crooks that ran off with my $900.00 from dipping into my bank account since, of course, I had to give them my account information so they could "make their deposit." I am so scared right now. I cannot sleep or eat. My professional life is suffering due to my lack of the ability to concentrate on anything but this mess. Can anyone help me??? I

For all of you who were scammed the ceo of Rockwell Financial's (Brett Davis) email address is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or [EMAIL="bdavisrockwellfinanci"]bdavisrockwellfinanci[/EMAIL] and his personal cellphone is 858-353-0563.

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I have received calls from Affidavit Consolidation Service from Tampa, least that's what the number shows anyway. I have applied for payday loans on-line before but not with the company they say I have (Advanced Cash USA). They (AFS) say I took out a $300 back in June 2009 (which my bank statements say I don't) so now I owe $508 if I settle out of court. I told them I never received emails, calls or anything until a few days ago. They want quit calling me and now threatening me with the court issue if I don't pay the $508. Has anyone heard of either of these companies or do you know anything about them? I've researched on-line and read nothing but bad stuff-----

So, I'm looking for some input on this issue.


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Wow I am so glad I searchred this company name on the web. I applied for a payday loan on line n received a call from this rock well company. I was excited, but knew it was to good to be true. Mam aint raise no fool. As badas i need this money in theseterrible finacial times. Somthing told me to check the blogs first. I am so sorry you guys were scammed. Others that wilL see your complaints it will keep them from making the same mistakes. It makes me mad as hell to see people like us get scammed and there is ant a thing we can do.

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I know this is a year later but i hope you didnt pay them anything. Its called fishing for information. I received a call of this nature about 2 months ago. The guy said i got a lan from them. I told him i had not received anything from any one and i had the bank statments to prove it. The tried to get me to verify my banck acct nu,ssi,num and address. Of course i was already on the scam. I told them if they did not stop harrassing and if they took anything out of my accounts. I was going to sue the hell ot of them for harrsment and fraud. I let them know again that my bank statmens for the last year showed not deposit from any loan companies. I contacted bank theyverified there was not transacton of this type and thats wn i learned from them it is call fishing. Ilet thy guy know this also. I havent heard from them since.

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welll my boyfriend applied for a loan online n this company rockwell finacial out of mennesta called and said we were approved for $ 5,000 but needed to send $825.00 to send them western union and once they had recieved it we wld recieve the $5,000 also western union ..well i found that kinda of odd i did some checking on this company called bbb and they told me that this company has an f on there rating which means its a scam ...thank god i checked first before sending them scam artists my money!!! BEWARE OF ROCKWELL FINACIAL GROUP!!!! i hope they read this blog...u think ur smart well u didnt get me..hahhaa...

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yes that happen to me i fell for the same thing i was screaming and crying we lost our apartment due to them i dont undersatnd how could there b people out there who do that . I couldnt believe it i learned a lesson. i wish i could of killed them that was just a feeling ..........thank you for posting your post so other people wont fall for the same scam i am soooooooooooo careful now man THAT WAS SOO SCARY FOR ME SO PEOPLE PLZZ BE CAREFULI LEARNED THAT YOUR NEVER SUPPOSSED TO SEND MONEY TO RECIEVE MONEY IF THEY SAY THAT IT ALL A SCAM. AND IF THE COMPANY IS NOT IN YOUR STATE ANOTHER RED FLAG.

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We fell for this scam the other day. I called everyone and did everything I could to get them into trouble. Nobody will help us. They basically said that because it was under a thousand there was not much they could do and plus we should be thankful it was not a bigger amount cause they get up there pretty high. This sucks. If a normal person steals money we go to jail. If you do it online then it must be okay. Which really sucks. They really hurt our family and they are gettting by with it. My husband has to work extra hours now to just catch us up. Our utilities were going to get shut but thank ful for help.
Please be careful on anything you do online.!!!!!

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they emailed me last weEk they told me i got approved for $5k ,,but i need to put the downpayment for the collateral which is $930:(..and i went to western union..and the name of the receiver is MARAGA RECALDE from civille spain...and they told me this monday theyre going to deposit on my account...but it never happen...please help me how to get my money back

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received no responses,deleted

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Thanks for the heads up. I too have been trying to get approved for a loan online. Well, guess who just called me claiming that I had been approved? You got it! Rockwell Lending, ph# 317-495-3592. I am so glad that I did some inquiries before acting. These people need to be reported!

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