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Rockwell Financial Group in Miami Florida offering me a $5K

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I started out looking online for a loan to consolidate some bills. I have lousy credit so I was having a pretty hard time of it. I was contacted on the phone by a company by the name of Rockwell Financial Group in Miami Florida offering me a $5,000 personal loan at 6%. I asked them to FAX me the information which they did. They wanted $900.00 by Western Union to process my loan in 24 hours. I made the mistake of trusting them and drained my bank account depending on the $5,000 to be there the next day. The very next day they called me wanting $900.00 more. I told them there was no way and they promised to refund my money by the following Monday. That never happened. Well I thought okay, maybe I can cash in one of my life insurance policies and at least recoup my losses. The Insurance company told me it would take 2 weeks to process. I panicked, I took out 5 payday loans to try and make my car payment and mortgage hoping that the insurance policy would be enough. Two weeks later I was only able to pay off 1 of them with the cash from my life insurance policy and now I can't pay the rest. I have already closed my bank account and reopened a new one to prevent the crooks that ran off with my $900.00 from dipping into my bank account since, of course, I had to give them my account information so they could "make their deposit." I am so scared right now. I cannot sleep or eat. My professional life is suffering due to my lack of the ability to concentrate on anything but this mess. Can anyone help me??? I

It sounds like you were "duped" majorly. I would've been very leery of any company that asks for money up front like that. There is many lenders out there that want to take advantage of people in your situation.

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They live in seagull Townhomes north Miami beach fl 33160.

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