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Elite Financial Services - Are customers happy with them?

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I am ready to sign up with a company called Elite Financial Services in Massachusets and I looked them up with the BBB and their record is good. I am just nervous because the man I spoke to said that they we're also members of Association for settlemetn companies and I have read in other articles on this website that sometimes that means nothing?

My husband and I have excellent credit and can afford our minimum payments and every other month we pay at least 20% or more than the minimum due.

The guy I spoke with said that it doesn't matter my credit score is mostly my debt to income ratio anyway. Please help they told me I have 2 days to get my paperwork in to them or else I would not be approved.

My daughter work's for a credit union and we are waiting on an answer back for a loan.


After hearing a lot of ads on the radio lately about debt settlement, I researched the company I am enrolled with and came across this blog. Mainly I was just looking to see if they had generated any recent complaints. I was in a sticky situation and needed to either file bankruptcy or go with debt settlement. First, I was going to go with another company, as they were 30$ cheaper a month, and stated they could save more. I then researched them on the better business bureau, and they were averaging over 1 complaint a month. I then researched EFS, and found they have had one complaint in their history of being open (early 2007). That was one thing, that really helped me make my mind up. EFS also had a B+ rating when the other company had an F. Wasn't the hardest decision to make once I did some research. So to anyone in a situation stuck choosing, research helps. On the note, Since being enrolled, accounts were settled better than 50%. There was one account settled at 34% and one at 41%. However, there was one account settled at 50% on the dollar. I never seem to have an issue when calling, and can always get in touch with someone who is willing to help. So Far So Good, and based on that I would recommend this company!

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What should I di about this. I am beginning to wonder if I am going the Wrong way
Thanks for youer Ans.

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I was a client of this company, I entered into a 36 month program and they completed me in 17 months. I honestly recommend them. My Representative was always available and they saved me about an average of 70% off of my Debt amount enrolled. Excellent company.

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I want to add one last thing, I see that someone on here is refering to Elite financial the mortgage company in Florida. They are NO relation to Elite financial in MA. EFS in MA is strickly a DEBT SETTLEMENT company. & I agree with most people on here who have actually dealt with them. B+ rating with the BBB says it all. They are one of the most reputable debt settlement companies in the industry.

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I have been speaking with this company for about 1 week, I have done lots of research on the internet and can only seem to find positive feedback on this company. They are one of the only companies that offer a Fee back guarantee, as well as one of the only companies that seem to base thier settlement off of you starting amount, not starting amount and accrueed interet. When they say they will save you 50% or more, they mean it. I spoke to 5 other companies that all said they would save me 50% but that was with the interest included, so in effect I'd really only save about 10% overall. Elite saves you 50% at a minimum and 100% of any interest and fee's

I am going to leave the link to the BBB, this was my deciding factor to sign up with this company. I will also post some client feedback taken directly from the BBB report. very interesting

Better Buisness Bureau link just copy and paste

client feedback on this company, actual clients taken from the BBB

client 1.

Date Submitted: 7/12/2009
Overall Feedback Rating: Excellent
Primary Nature of Compliment: Product/Work Quality
Secondary Nature of Compliment:
Detail: I began my journey of debt elimination with Elite in the Spring of 2008. I had approximately $7,000 in credit card debt which was not enough for most debt solutions companies but Elite financial was more than willing to help me resolve my credit card debt. I was a single mother when I started out and I didn't have much money to spare after taking care of my monthly bills. The staff at Elite took all of my financial information and helped me find a payment that would fit my budget and not leave me broke at end of each money. At first I was really scared because I had heard the horror stories of people paying debt solution/consolidation companies month after month only to find that the company wasn't doing anything to resolve their debt so I made it a point to keep track of what was going on with my account. Much to my relief I received monthly (some times twice a month) phone calls from my financial advisor, letting me what was going and inquiring if I had any creditors calling or mailing me for payments or offering settlements. I still remember the day she called to tell me my first account which was about $5,000 was settled for a little over $900. I cried and laughed with excitement because it had only been a few months into the program. Not long after this settlement and just over a year of being in the program, I received a call from a new financial advisor, that my last two accounts had been settled for only $479! I was in shock for a moment then the tears of joy and relief came (and I'm crying now as I write). It's a moment in my life I will always remember because for once in years I was not stressed or worried about the phone ringing and someone on the other demanding a payment which I didn't have. I can go to the mailbox and not worry that there will a "threat" for legal action if payment is not received. The staff, no that's an understatement, my friends at Elite Financial Services gave me back something I lost years ago when my credit card debt entered my life and that's my peace of mind. I cannot truly put into words the gratitude and love I have everyone at Elite that has given me back my life. Thank you all so very much. I highly recommend Elite Financial Services to anyone who finds themselves in any financial debt situation because this is truly a company of its word!!!

client 2.
Date Submitted: 2/25/2009
Overall Feedback Rating: Excellent
Primary Nature of Compliment: Product/Work Quality
Secondary Nature of Compliment:
Detail: For others out there seeking help with debt issues, I will recommend Elite Financial Services for their help in resolving several of my debts within a year. My present contact was always available and ready to answer questions and did a tremendous job finding great settlements. I highly recommend their service.

I will post back from time to time and let you know how things go

client 1.

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[samebox="Vikas"]Content removed since I received a Fax from Jason at Elite Financial Services, Inc. certifying under penalty of perjury that the content posted is false. This was done as per policy posted at htt p:// -about-you-or-your-company-on-ourcommunitypowercom-forums/
The fax has been kept on file.[/samebox]

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I just signed up with Elite today. I am very nervous after reading all of these posts. The gentleman I worked with did seem to have the perfect answer to every question. I have supposedly agreed on 36 month program that will eliminate my debt of $36,000.00 by paying $721 per month. If it actually takes all 36 months, I will have paid $25,0000.00 saving me $11,000.00 that does not sound too bizzare, so I believe it is ligitimate. Am I in over my head? What could the repercussions be? My first payment is scheduled next week? What to do?

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Personal information deleted, for your security. - Uncle Wulf

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I have used this company with great results they are sincere and very knowledgable the have mad my credit scroe rise to very good statis Pete

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do not use them - they rip you off and are not upfront about how bad they let things get. I am in the process of fixing the damage they have caused over the last 3 months - at least the companies I phoned were receptive and very nice about the situation. Now my clean up begins and I highly recommend you stay clear of this company.

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