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Elite Financial Services - Are customers happy with them?

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I am ready to sign up with a company called Elite Financial Services in Massachusets and I looked them up with the BBB and their record is good. I am just nervous because the man I spoke to said that they we're also members of Association for settlemetn companies and I have read in other articles on this website that sometimes that means nothing?

My husband and I have excellent credit and can afford our minimum payments and every other month we pay at least 20% or more than the minimum due.

The guy I spoke with said that it doesn't matter my credit score is mostly my debt to income ratio anyway. Please help they told me I have 2 days to get my paperwork in to them or else I would not be approved.

My daughter work's for a credit union and we are waiting on an answer back for a loan.


Elite Financial settled our accounts in about 5 months. They called often and returned my calls promptly. 15% in fees was costly, but with the 5 credit card payments eliminated from our budget, we are able to live on our much reduced income due to Merrill Lynch disaster a couple of years ago.

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I am have been concerned for the same reason. I sent in information that I was interested in talking to them after 6 pm and they have called almost daily for the past 2 months on my cell phone early in the morning, during work but never after 6 pm. There must be some incentive for them to call so much. For that reason I have not answered their phone messages or e-mails and concerned another alternative.

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I want to share my experience with Elite Financial; I began my journey to become debt free in the fall of 2008. I am a 35 year old single mom, and found myself in over 40k in debt. I was getting collection calls, and constant threats from bill collectors. I was referred to Elite Financial from a friend that had used their services about 2 years earlier. I was very happy with their services, and they saved me about 20% more than they originally quoted me. I would defiantly recommend this company, and I do not have enough good things to say about my representative Jen, she always took my calls and was very understanding about my financial situation. I am glad to say I am finally debt free Thanks to Elite Financial Services, I 100% recommend their services, they also have a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

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Just so you know you can pay to have a A rating with the BBB ,unfortunately they ARE big buisness. You pay to play with them.Even worse in some cases you can get a bad rating by not paying them. I once worked for a company with 16 complaints in 3 years out 15,000 clients. If we wanted to pay 75K a quarter we can have a A. Yes it's that crooked :(

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Do not judge a company by their BBB rating. "BBB Accredited" simply means the company paid a fee to join. I called the BBB because my business had a "C" rating. I was not a member and they told me the rating was based on the small amount of information they had. I answered all their questions. Based on that and the lack of complaints, our rating is now an A+.

I have not worked with this company or any like it. However, even when they get your debts reduced that doesn't mean that you will suddenly have a good credit score. And when a debtor reduces your debt they will send you a 1099 stating that you had "income" from them which is taxable. If you negotiate with a debtor, make sure you get everything in writing including that they will not issue a 1099.

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just signed up with EFS in Saugus MA. I want to be reassured they're legit, honest company and high rate of good debt settlement on record. I have 28 more days to cancel. thanks for any input.

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A lot of people have said negative things about them in the forum. You can take a look at the discussion from the given page: nancial-services.html

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I was always keeping up on this site, especially when I first signed up with Elite Financial Services in Saugus, MA. I have to admit I was a little worried and confused, I saw some bad feedback, but not from people that actually used them, then I saw a ton of good feedback. I finally decided to stay with this company, because when I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau, they have an A rating, they have over 100 positive customer feedbacks and 0 negative, this made me think that alot of this negative feedback might be from competitors or past employees that wanted to hurt the company.

I can honestly say I am 100% satisfied with my desision, They managed to save me and my husband 63% of my original debt total, we had a little over $50,000.00 in debt and they saved me a total of $31,500.00. I found all of their staff to be very knowledgable, and they were always availablw when I called them. They do not hide the fact that there will be times over the course of the program where some creditors can be harder to work with than others. But it if you are patient and give them the opportunity you will be complatly satisfied at the end of your program. They managed to settle my biggest account Amex $14,000.00 for 20% 2800.00, although there was one of my accounts they had to settle for 55%, but again overall they saved me over 60%.

I would 100% recomend this company and I already have, my co-worker has since signed up with them and seems to be happy so far. I am glad there are message boards and forums out here were real people can share their stories, but once again, I think it is far to easy to bad mouth good companies when you can make up anonomous claims. I definantly recomed always using the BBB Better Business Bureau to help you make an informed decision.

On closing, I used Elite Financial Services in Saugus, MA

their website is Not the company in Florida, there is no affiliation with the 2 hope I can help someone with my expierience, as everyones feedback helped me.:)

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