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Recontrust Company: Why are they sending collection letters to you?

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Behind on my Bof A mortgage and now getting letters etc from Recontrust Company ? Anybody know why?

Hi there,
I just found your post and I too signed a loan with countrywide in may 2007 the same thing is listed on my note and mortgage. we have been trying to get a modification and are current but soon we will not be able to pay as our savings are running out. I am interested in hearing more from you about what your plans are and what is happening to you. Have you found anything else out that may help you? Please let me know. I am putting together an argument as to why I should get the modification and pursue legal advice
thank you,
I hope you are still fighting because each and everyone of us needs to join the battle.

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mommyhoney mommyhoney

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Recontrust is owned 100% by Bank of America and they are a branch of B of A that lists homes that haven't been foreclosed yet on the auction block. They sent me a notice before B of A even turned my mortgage in to the foreclosure review board. They also don't inform B of A agents what they are doing in order to try to force you to go out of your way to catch up on your payments through threats of selling your home from under you.

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May I ask if you have equity in your home? I heard that if there is equity the bank is quick to foreclose, but if not..they are slow to bother??!

We are being foreclosed on for back property taxes.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fight this or force them to accept payments? We have children and this is our 'home' and it filled with memories of now departed grandparents, and more.


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This post is over a year old and the original poster hasn't been back since.

Have you tried working out payment arrangements for your property taxes? How far behind are you?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I heard that if there is equity the bank is quick to foreclose, but if not..they are slow to bother??!

To generalize, yes. They will usually foreclose much faster on a home with equity.

How behind are you in back taxes?

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waffles waffles
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I ran into this page by accident and started reading all your diffrent posts and i got sick to my stomach from reading all the ugly comments about boa. our house is going into auction october 17th. and like many others have been trying to do a modification for 2 years and have been given the run around from them but in reading these posts it now makes sense why they are not helping supposibly they say they are here to help but instead it is the oppisite . how hard would it be to get the president in on this i am sure that its not right what bof is doing along with recontrust i now its late posting now these posts are a year old but i am desperate tying to find someone to help to stop the sale . any suggestions?:confused:

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lupe1958 lupe1958

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Unfortunately due to our friends in the GOP controlled house, mortgage relief is not happening by anything other than executive order, which are not sweeping enough to help homeowners in trouble like you.

Unfortunately the only thing you can do at this point is try to get ahold of some money, your parents, siblings, best friend, I don't know, and offer the lender money to stop the sale.

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waffles waffles
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