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Heathmill / Cashtoday shareholders and directors

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Good Afternoon.

I have the 363s Annual Return for Cash Today Limited, for your viewing pleasure. I also have the tif's of the UK parent company, (surprise, surprise The Heathmill Village), and the Ultimate parent company, Harris Holdings, Ltd. Not too surprising that the names of the directors are interchangeable with the names of the share holders.

I have been corresponding via email with a retired attorney who my contact at the Consumer Federation of America referred me too.

I believe this is bigger than a civil suit, although I am quite certain that someone would do this pro bono for the purpose of class action. If I am correct this will be a criminal matter initially. If I am correct this is tax fraud, among other things.

I need to format all of my research into something nice to send to all of the AG's, FBI, Secret Service, yadayadayada...

I have been at this for almost 2 months, and I have about 500 websites, and about 200 word documents! LOL So basically I need to organize it.

I have been in contact with the AG in Nevada all along, and the Deputy AG in California for the last couple of weeks, so I have already forwarded them the rough research. I want to get in contact with the AG of New York directly, because from what I understand, he is very zealous, and he does not play around when it comes to consumers rights.

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Neither Lotus Leads in DE, nor Leads Global in Nevada have EIN's, which are required by law.

This is one of many reasons why I am thinking tax fraud.

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Don't hesitate to register with this site. The registration form does not ask for any of your personal information. You can use the Community signup form as well. Looking forward to hearing from you :D

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stanley stanley

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Please register with the site. I would love to chat with you because I have been doing some research on another payday loan company in my spare time. I know Cash Today has victimized countless people. I never had a loan with them and I'm grateful for that. The other company has victimized countless others too, including myself. We must bad together to get these places shut down and held accountable for their illegal activity. We are starting a new group called the payday loan avengers LOL!

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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polly, please register. This forum has relly helped me, and has reinforced the idea that knowledge is power. I too have loaned wtih Cash Today and would be willing to help and participate in any way possible.

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rkai93 rkai93

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Polly, you might try and contact this user on here, mitsuac. who may have info that can be of help.

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jj jj
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Polly, actually we do not want to see you being deprived from the benefits that the registered members of this community can get. Among all the good stuffs, Blogs are the most favorite to me. debt consolidation Care offers a space to the members for their own use. You can communicate with others through your blog as well!

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stanley stanley

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Come on Polly, all the cool kids are doing it! :)


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Mary Mary

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Please register else I will not accept any PMs.

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BlogTintin BlogTintin

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