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FIA Card Services - What are the key complaints against them?

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Got my checking account statement today, and found a "check payment" that I didn't recognize that was debited from the account. I went to my bank and found it was FIA Card Services. I do have a B of A credit card account with them which I unfortunately haven't been able to pay as agreed. My checking account is with a different bank (not B of A).

The sent me a letter last month, "confirming my conservation agreeing" to a settlement offer with graduated, increasing payments. I have had NO phone conservations or other correspondence with them. I didn't respond or authorize them to take any money out of my account, as I can't afford the ballooning payments.

But they somehow faked a phone-authorized check, with my bank's name and account number on it, which my bank accepted.

I have been making small, "good faith" payments with them, but with money orders. I did use the checking account to make payments when I was able to stay current with payments. But I have another checking account, with another bank, that I had used as well and they didn't mess with that one.

I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank, and I may have to close the account there.

I have two other B of A accounts that were charged off and sold to collection agencies. I don't know why they are treating this one differently, except that it was originally a Fleet account that was taken over by MBNA, which was then taken over by B of A.

I have a credit card linked to the checking account with overdraft protection, on which I am staying current, and which has space available on it for the total amount they want. I suspect they must somehow know this?

I can't believe this is legal. My guess is that someone in collections was desperate for a commission and stepped over the line?

Do the creditors have a way to find out what bank accounts you have (even if you have never used it to pay them), and whether they are linked to credit cards with overdraft protection?

Any advice would be appreciated.

These pigs are our true enemy not people from the middle east or the gay community. They have hurt the working class people in this once great nation. I pray every days that these pigs along with the wall street scum and violent criminals will find their hell.

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OMG!! What a relief to see that I am not the only person being victimized by FIA. We have had their credit card for about 17months now and paid it diligently on time. But in January I had transposed a date between my two cards and made a payment to them about 10days late. OMG!! Pandora's box was opened. They payment was late because for no reason that I could see they had raised the min payment $1 and I had not noticed because we have had that same $70 min payment for 16months on every bill. The phone calls began coming in from automated machines and people. 4 times we told FIA the Feburary payment would be on time and bring the account upto date. But FIA continued with phone calls every hour on the hour 8am to 8pm for a month and a half. FOR ONE STINKING DOLLAR DELINQUENT!! In the 30 years of having credit cards, loans, mortgage Ive have never been treated like FIA has done.

Well FIA, I wish you would read this posts because I am through with your services!!! I am cutting the cards up and into tiny pieces and I am going to find every executive I can and send them a part of it and my letter of disqust!

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I just recieved a summons from FIA card services I did not know that a collection company could do this, it states that I owe over 3,000 dollars on an account and I am not sure which account, I like many others am out of work my husband is disabiled and we are in the process of trying to save our home..I thought a collection agency went after you for part of the money not all of it, not sure what this is for....

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FIA sent me a letter that my final payment on my settlement has been received and has been reported to the IRS and a 1099-C has been sent to me. I've never received it and need to complete my 2009 taxes. How do I obtain a copy of the 1099-C?

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I received a summons from these people, I have written to the attorney on the summons and told him I do not have 33 dollars to submit to the court to file this, can a collection agency do this what happens if you have no means to pay this ad do not file

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I was put on a payment plan 3 years ago if I agreed to close my FIA account. Last December, I received a notice telling me my minimum monthly payment was doubling and the agreement was cancelled. I called their hardship department and was told to file bankruptcy! This is the worst credit card company (Bank of America) in the country!

Anything I can do?

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i am an fia card services rep this info ppl are giving you is incorrect the payment program is set up for first 4 months..that gets u on the track of the payment scedule. this forum is bs.

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I have been receiving NUMEROUS calls from fia. Last month I missed my payment date and thought I would just pay at least the minimum including the past due amount by the next month payment due date. This is since they already made extra profit by charging me a late fee. then they started calling, even though I was not even 30 days late. these folks are DESPERATE. actually i am somewhat amused by their calls because they are wasting time paying people to call me, but it doesn't make any more $$ for them.

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FIA loves to "make phone payments" and harass. BOA is even worse.
BOA closed my accounts last week unexpectedly, and the person I talked to on the phone was extremely belligerent and rude. Literally 8 hours before my paycheck and Federal Tax return check would be covering any negative balance they closed the account. Plus they would take their usual bullshit fees anyway. But he said no account is closed, we will mail you the difference after we take out what you owe. it was only $300. I had been waiting for this money all year! So basically I went three weeks with absolutely no paycheck (they had it) cash, no atm card no checks nothing. I have a one year old daughter at home. I think these people need to see what it feels like to be a human being. I have never had any problems with BOA until this year with the economy the way it was,reduced overtime at work, and my new arrival I fell behind. I was a loyal customer even before the bank was BOA. They swallowed up my small town bank. I had the same account number for 20+ years lol. I had to open a new account re set up all of my bill pay etc. checks atm card. But you know what now I am happy it happened F-Them and everyone who works there I hope they all lose their jobs or are put in jail. Oh by the way FIA my bill pay for your accounts was set up through BOA and I lost all the information when they closed my account.....oh well. lol

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It use to be under CCU than went to most recently called "world points" but with the same interest according to them! BUT that is a lie. It will stay at the low interest rate only if "one does NOT use the card" because as soon as you use the Credit Card from them it jumps up to 14% from 9.99%! Hmmm. That is not customer friendly practice or a stupid or horrible incentive to USE THE CARD! DUH!

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