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CMG/OSL Marketing Group or whoever they are has taken $650 out of my bank account w/out my consent. I have tried leaving messages and sending faxes to get my money back. I never applied for a loan w/ them and do not know what to do. I have to get this money back ASAP. What should I do?

Call 1-866-553-5788

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Yes you go to your bank and dispute these charges. I used to work at a bank and this is a fraud department's worse nightmare. Call your bank and ask for the fraud department. They will dispute these charges and get your money back. They have taken money out of my husbands account as well and started with 90.00. I just called them from the number given next to the transaction and was told if you want CMG group call this number, then when you call it answers, OSL Marketing. I was on hold for 10 minutes to just get a voicemail to leave a message. This is nothing but a scam and we are going to the bank asap to take care of this. You should too. You should have a long time ago. 650.00??????? I'm hoping that wasn't done all at once. However, please remember, never go look up payday loans online. We did that once too and that's how his last bank account ended up. Companies taking out money so we closed that account and started fresh. 4 months later with no issues and here's this CMG Group. We will close it again if we have to. If you ever need a payday loan, just go to a Check n Go or to EZ Loans. EZLoans charges less interest and gives you cash. Check n Go is a check that you have to go to the bank to get it cashed and etc. That's why we like EZ Loans, it saves you time and trouble. But only get payday loans if you must as you lose your axx in interest. lol. We had to as we are helping my daughter through a tough time after having a baby. Thank goodness it's tax season. Hopefully this helps you and if you need a phone number, yes, it's 1-866-516-9300, give this number to your bank. If you need more people to testify for you that it's happened to them as well, my number is 830-237-6729. Call anytime! Angela

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also, Stephanie from OSL marketing just called me back. She said they are the call center for CMG group. I asked her what CMG stood for and she said nothing, it's just initials. I asked her why they would be taking 90.00 out of his account and she said, did he apply for a payday loan online. I told her no. He says he didn't. Also, why would he, he just got one at EZ Loan in person last week. She said she couldn't help me as my name isn't on the account and basically hung up. But at least call and leave a message and then someone will call you back. If you have to act like you want a new loan. That's what I did.
Good luck.

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angsmith184 angsmith184

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I have had horrible luck with these jerks...and now with other affiliates of them. I have ended up having to change my bank account info. and haveretained an attorney. Yes, it's probably going to cost more to get a lawyer and fight it, but it's the principle of the matter to me!

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To be precise, this is true that personal information should be kept a secret,especially when it comes to on line personal information.I guess you should also take care of this because some companies are scam companies and will take no time to put you into endless trouble in the near future.Already that you had faced such a situation, steps should be taken ASAP.

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Rebecca Miller Rebecca Miller

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I have had horrible luck with these jerks...and now with other affiliates of them. I have ended up having to change my bank account info. and haveretained an attorney. Yes, it's probably going to cost more to get a lawyer and fight it, but it's the principle of the matter to me!

Maybe your attorney can take it to class action status and you won't have to bear the brunt of the cost!

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July28, 10
I am going thur the same right now. the clam they deposit $200.00 in my account, but i
never heard of this company and I ask my bank io check on my deposits and thier is no
deposit from this company. They need to be stop. Because they are big scramer.

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Never ever borrow money money on line. That is your bigest mistake you will ever make. trust me I know.

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Yesterday I applied for a $150 loan through Check n Go and was denied because I already have a $100 loan outstanding. Within literally minutes of the rejection, my cell and office phone was ringing, and I had an email in my box from CMG saying that I was approved for $250. I never responded, I never signed the paperwork, I never agreed in any way to the loan, but today there is $250 in my account with their name on it. I finally looked at the PDF they sent me, and at the bottom they have my name on the signature line. I just called the 800 number, and they said they would remove the money from my account. I said I wanted something in writing. The woman I talked to said they can't do that. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She said there was no supervisor. I said, "You're in a room alone by yourself?" and she said yes.
After reading the other posts in this forum, I'm convinced that this isn't just borderline illegal, but completely beyond the pale. I'm going to see what I can do about filing a police report. We'll see if the money gets taken out of my account or not.

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@JakeR -
Same thing happened to me, go emails, did not open the links or reply in any way to them, no calls to me though. I sent emails back stating that I did not want this loan, did that 3 times and they still deposited $350 in my account today! Called them first thing this morning, told them about it and they said the would reverse the money out of my account today. I asked how it got there in the first place when I didn't open any links, sign anything, receive any calls??? Of course, no answer on that one. This is who I was dealing with out there via email all morning!!

Kim A.
OSL Marketing Inc.
Senior Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Call Center
Phone 866-516-9300 ext 126
Fax 866-264-1483

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