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a short article from my Electric Co-Op's newsletter

What does it cost to be plugged in?

So, how much do your appliances and electronics add to your energy bill? Here are some average monthly costs, based on (my county's) rate of 8.1 cents per killowatt hour:

Clothes washer: $1.62
Clothes dryer: $11.34
Coffee Maker: $2.43
DVD Player: $.06
27" Television: $6.06
15 cubic foot freezer: $11.40
Computer: $2.59
Refrigerator/Freezer: $9.72
(end of article)

Now I know we can't unplug our freezer/ fridge, etc, but everything else can be. And line dry your clothes, hang them over chairs, hang them on hangers in the bathroom etc. Even if they don't get completely dry, you can finish them up for 5-10 minutes in the dryer which, when you compare it to 1 hour, is a hug difference.

And look at the TV! I never realized it cost that much to have it turned on! I guess "free TV" really isn't free!

my husband leaves our porch light on at night b/c someone stole his wallet out of his truck one night. it makes me insane!

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love_my_things love_my_things

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why doesn't he a.) lock his truck or b.) keep his wallet with him or c.) both of the above? :)

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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