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Asset acceptance sending letter for a 12 years old debt

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I recieved a letter from this company saying I owe 1083.78. It is for a sofa I bought about 12 yrs ago. I sold it to a friend that was to take over the payments, she changed my billing address to hers and I never heard about it again assuming it was paid. I pulled my report it was not it was charged off in 1996 for 392.00. Now I am getting letters and phone calls 4 times a week from this company. If it was just the 392.00 I would pay it but 1083.78 is more than the sofa cost and it is in a dump somewhere in Ohio...

I have old debt that stays on all my credit reports and they just get bought by someone else and they update it even though its past the sol what can I do? Help in ohio!

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what happens to them and if you do pay a debt off does it stay on my credit report what can you do once you pay them get them removed thanks ,ohio

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hi again sorry should I consolidate my loans? they are at a variable rate at 4.3, but I'm going back to school and those loans will be fixed at 2% so what am I to do???? thanks

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Help in Ohio, have you been making payments on these debts? If so, you restart the SOL each time a payment is made.

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no I don't

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I received a letter from them offering me a settlement on on 6k debt with "Citibank CC" for $1900 but "I must act before August 31st". Thing is this "debt" isn't LISTED in my credit report! Any advice appreciated.

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some collection agencies take over old debt to try to collect..... like you did,, check the credit reports to see if it shows up....., it may not have been reported yet depends on where it came from. How old is the debt?

I know that here in WA state there is a statue of limitation I think its 7 years.... but your state may have a limitations also.

now the debt doesnt go away, just means that I don't have to pay on it.... But if I start to pay on it then that 7 years starts all over again....

so hopefully that helps, or you can ask for the debt to be verified....... depends on how old this debt is and if you know for sure you owe it or not

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Dispute it. The dispute policies should be on that letter. Send the dispute Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested so you have legal proof because they must validate the alleged debt before they make *any* more moves to collect.

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