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Does anyone know the contact information for JVC Processing? I would like to contact them to pay my loan in full, but cannot find the number or address.


I haven't met one person yet on this site who was able to cooperation from this company. Make sure you file a complaint with your Attorney Generals office and also the Florida Attorney Generals office, where this company is located. File a complaint with website as well.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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they threaten to have me arrested, and they called my job and told co workers that they sould talk to me about getting legal help if i didnt pay them by noon today, i told them that here is the law in my state, threats by phone is a fed. offence, realesing personal info, anouther fed. offence, and extrotion strong arm, big fed offence. they hung up on me?? i thought they where tough?

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they told me i was going to jail by noon today if i didnt pay them , i told them that i would put them in jail if they threaten me again by phone a fed offence, and delf. of judgment anouther fed offence, and other charges. it works people try it!!! there just a collection agence they cant lock you up?

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I cannot contact them either and every a agency
contacts me about them and I want to talk toJVC
directly, they tell me JVC will not talk to me
and I have to go through their agency.

Call Bass and Associates aka Bass Enterprise in
Jacksonville, FL at 1-877-281-2220 and see if
they can help concerning making payment.

email address removed as per forum rules - Mike

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I would like to know if anyone got a positive answer in the telephone numbers above. Because I just received a loan in which I canceled sameday.

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I see some people are having problems with JVC, but it sounds like some people have paid them off. Will they really stop taking money out of your account if you pay them off, or do they screw you even after you're paid off? They only take 90 bucks from my account each month, but we haven't had a chance to gather all the funds to pay them back. They've taken out money for at least a year and a half. This past time, my account was negative when they tried to take out the money so they didn't recieve anything but it cost me a $25 insufficient fund fee. So they tried it again, which cost me another $25 insufficient fund charge, and when that still didn't go through, they tried yet AGAIN but this time only tried to get $30 bucks. Still no luck, but it still nailed me on the insufficient fund fee. Now, 2 weeks later, they tried to pull $90 out again, and this time they got it. BUT, then they tried to pull out $90 again, which they also got this time, and then they tried AGAIN and pulled out $30. So I understand that I didn't "pay" when I owed, but are they allowed to take out $210 for that? I figured maybe the $90 plus a late fee, but a $210 seems a little extreme. Anybody have any ideas? My bank told me the only way I could get these guys to stop taking money out of my account was to close the account completely. I don't want to do this becuase I've had the account in good standing for 9 years. Somebody help!

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Try 973-317-5219

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I just did a search on them in Oregon, they aren't licensed in Oregon. I never received funding paperwork or contracts they just keep taking money out of my account but I cannot reach anyone to discuss this issue.

Sub: #39 posted on Thu, 04/17/2008 - 13:04

ladybrilil ladybrilil

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Can someone tell me who these JVC processing people are? Are they a debt collection agency? And how far can they go to collect a debt? I've tried NUMEROUS times to make payment arrangements and all i get is harrassed with NO resolution.

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