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Official communication with the lawyer representing MMG/RMP

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A lawyer who represents Risk Management Partners/Miracle Management Group has sent a legal notice to debt consolidation Care. It is regarding a thread in DebtCC forum. They have asked us to impose some restrictions on the forum-

  • Remove aggressive posts and personal information.
  • Ban members who have posted against employees and staffs of MMG/RMP.
  • Revoke the power of posting in forum without getting registered.
  • Lastly, they have asked for the identity of the members who have made such posts which simply against our Privacy Policy.

First letter to us:

Our response:

Members, we need your feedback here.


i'm an unregistered guest hiding behind the valances of my shaddowed identity, anyway..has anything materialized from these threat letters? Any more follow up or threats from other agencies? But I must say I wasn't around when these threads were formed, however; threats against individuals in any form should not be taken lightly. Please take an affirmative approach in keeping us all safe-and yes that includes the scumbag debt collectors who probably do not deserve it! Thankyou to everyone who works endlessly in the forums, you're advise and compassion is invaluable to us wh really need it. Bless you gentleman and ladies :)

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[COLOR=#1f497d][FONT=Century Gothic]
[COLOR=#1f497d]The Stantons have been sentenced. Their pre-trial officer is Chris Jantonio. The judge is Edward C. Voss at 401 West Washington SPC 75, Suite 324, Phoenix, AZ 85003. You may wish to write the Judge and the officer to express your opinions on the sentencing of the Stantons. This is the best way to ensure they get more than just probation.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#1f497d] [/COLOR]

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