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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

Just a note about the above post by Lovebugg...DO NOT RECORD PHONE CONVERSATIONS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE IT IS LEGAL TO DO SO IN YOUR STATE. To do so illegally can lead to serious trouble.

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I have received calls from this number (1-800-498-1798) nearly everyday. First, it is a man's voice who says he wants to talk to me about important business. On Tuesday evening I received the call again, called it back (not *69), got a recording then a woman answered. After I explained what I wanted (I wanted to know who this company was, what do they do, etc.), she connected me to another extension. A man answered (not the same man's voice as in the beginning) and after asking him who is was and who he was working for he said "National Enterprise Systems." I explained that I was suspicious of this call and he would tell me no more except that if I give him a number he can check it and have it removed. I gave him my office number. Now I will see if I begin receiving calls at work. I will keep investigating this. I want others to beware.

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I set up payment arrangments with them and after the first payment they took out they call and tell me the agreement that we worked out is null and void and they demanded the whole amount today. The funny thing is that this would have been paid in full by February . And they pull this crap. I already notified FDSCPA about what happened. Then the 200.00 that they took out did not effect the amount due at all.Is there anything that I can due? I don't want to get scammed again.

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these guys are a**holes. I worked with them to reach a settlement of $6975 and after they received their payment ,I was contacted and told that it wasn't enough for their client and needed to pay another $3000 within 5 days.

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I also received a call from national enterprise systems a few days ago. This call was out of the blue since I never received anything
from them in the mail.... ever. I kept getting an automated call (unknown name & number on the caller id) until I couldn't take it anymore
and called the number back to see who it was.I spoke with michael w****s who informed me from the start that he was an arbitrator for an
attorney and a judgement was filed against me yesterday. He stated If I didn't pay the full amount by the end of the day he was going to march
the papers straight over to the attorneys office and I will receive a summons to appear in court on December 18th. He then kept asking if I wanted to
settle this out of court by giving him my bank account information and paying the full amount. This call went on for about 10 minutes before
I informed him I wish to end the call and put down the phone when he began to get more aggressive. This was all within the very first contact with them.
He then began to call repeatedly throughout the rest of the day on the lan line and my cell phone. He wasn't leaving any messages, Just calling repeatedly.
I don't know where he got my private cell phone number. The calls resumed early the next morning and continued on throughout the day on both lines.
I looked these guys up online and found out who they are, and what they do to people by reading many of the complaints and experiencs others are having
with them.

Although I'm a recording studio engineer, and recording a conversation would be very easy for me, I've never done such a thing in my lifetime. Until now.
Unfortunately, I live in Pennsylvania which requires 2 party consent to record a phone call so legally I had to inform him with my first breath that
I was recording the call for my own records. He asks "Why do you need to record the call?" I exclaimed "For my own records, and the threats of a
lawsuit judgement". He replies "You do not have my permission to record this phone call". I replied "Well then I guess that's the end of our conversation".
He then replies "Are you going to pay this bill or not?" I made him aware (once again to be safe) that I am recording this call. After telling me again
that he does not give permission for recording the call he stated "You need to turn off your little tape recorder and get out your checkbook". I then asked
him about the conversation we had yesterday about the judgement, lawsuit, summons....etc. and he stated "If your gonna record the call...."Ugh".... I have
nothing to say to you". Then he hung up....... He had so much to say less than 24 hours ago. As I suspected, everything he told me the day before, and
everything he was going to say during that conversation was against the law and didn't he want to get caught....

The calls stopped for the rest of the day, and hopefully for good from this company. I did notice a no name & no number at 8:41am the next morning on my
caller id but most pre-pay cell phones and unlisted, private numbers come up that way too so it might not have been them.

Most states have a one party consent law so look it up before you tape a conversation!! You may be able to record their abuse without having to let them know
you are recording the conversation. What I found online from many sites.... 38 states are one party consent, and 12 are two party consent. After looking
this up on many sites I determined (for myself) that for two party consent you do not need permission to tape a call, You only need to inform the other party
(At the beginning of the call with you telling them you are recording them on tape!!) you are taping the call. If they continue to yammer on after you advised
them you are taping it is considered consent since you told them, and they well are aware they are being recorded. I'm not a lawyer so look up the laws in your
state before you tape a call!! If I lived in a one party consent state I would have recorded them breaking every law written for abusive debt collectors.

So there it is.... Tape your calls but remember to follow your states laws...... You could be charged with a crime if you illegally record a conversation!!
Even if you don't have the means, or the intention of recording them just simply tell them you are taping the call anyway. They will be on their best behavior
and stop threatening you, or hang up and call you less, or not at all.

After reading all of the experiences on this page, as well as many others, I refuse to let this happen to me. Many of us have debt and it's bad enough without
the lying, harrassment, threats & intimidation which seems to be the only way this company operates.

Sub: #105 posted on Sat, 12/08/2007 - 15:02


These people have been calling me everyday looking for someone who shares the same last name, accusing that I owe BofA 18k and they want my account number etc. I keep asking to get taken off their calling list and they keep calling with threats and harrassment. Today, I finally had enough and looked NES up and spoke to a manager named Mary Shaw to find out how they got my number. Of course, she hung up on me when I ask if they just look up the last name of the debtor and call everyone in the yellowpages. When I called back (let them get a dose of their own medication), she continues the rude, threatening tactics when I told her I will report this company to the FTC, BBB, Ohio Attorney General's office. I encourage you to all do the same. This company needs to be put away. I don't owe these people money so I am not scared of them, but I shudder to think what happens if an unsuspecting senior in my household is threatened into giving them their bank account number! Totally unethical company with the worse low-life employees and management possible. I am about to call BofA and ask them why they'd hire such an unprofessional company that harrasses innocent people.

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I owe about 800 on a credit card and it was sent to collections. National Enterprise Systems was the first credit agency and then they sent it to another. I just got a message on my phone today that it has been sent back to NBS and they are taking it a step further and to call them back. I have tried to tell one of the creditors that I could make 50 or 100 dollars a month but they said that they wouldn't except it. Once, I set it up so they could take the money out of my account and the guy promised me that if I wasn't going to be able to have the money in my account that we could cancel that and make another arrangement. However, one time I called to say that I wouldn't have the money because my hours were cut back and he wouldn't cancel it! I don't know what to do now! I am very nieve about these kinds of things. Please give some advise!

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These people are @$$HOLES! The lady I first talked to was nice, then she put me on the phone with a bulldog who said I would be SUED unless I paid them ASAP! Bulldog told me that Citibank decided to settle for $9,000 (very geneous he said) on debt of $14,000 that I have been unable to pay. They debited my account for $1,500 that day and the other $7,500 bulk was due December 26th (Merry Christmas!) I opened a letter from them today (12/25) which shows they are going to debit me for $13,371.59. So not only are they @SSHOLES they're liars too! :x And sionce its Christmas, who the hell would be there today???

Sub: #108 posted on Tue, 12/25/2007 - 19:22


Ok you guys... here's the lowdown on NES.. I am going to do this completely annonymous because I used to work for NES and I hated every minute of it!! I guess that's why I quit!
#1.. except for a few states that have laws about using aliases... No one at NES uses their real name!! Do a search of fdcpa laws to see if your state allows use of alias...
#2.. Everyone at NES is on an automatic dialing system, so the computer actually dials your number and while they are waiting for you to pick up the phone, they have all of your personal information on their screen... they must verify that they are talking to the debtor... if they disclose any information about you OR the debt you owe to anyone other than you, without permission, they are in violation of FDCPA laws.. look it up!
#3.. EVERY collector gets a commission IF you pay!! Look at your old bills!! If they jack up the original amount to compensate themselves, this is a violation... here's how this all works...
EXAMPLE: you owe Sears $3000.00
after sears takes you through their own collection dept. they sell your account to the collection agency.. the collection agency will buy this debt and tack on a collection fee.. lets say 10% of your original balance... what a collection agent will never tell you is... they can usually at least go as far down as the original balance...(but then they wouldn't make a profit)! Not all, but most of the time they can even knock off anywhere from 10% - 40% of the original debt!!
#4.. Scare tactics!!! almost 99% of the time they will not file a judgement against you!! Their whole paycheck depends on it!! Collectors don't get paid to talk on the phone!! I have seen people get fired because they can't meet their quota!! These people get paid when they collect your money!! SIMPLE FACT!! You will get phone calls and nasty grams in the mail for months before it would go to judgement!!! And even then, they will sell your account to ANOTHER collection company before they take you to court!!! If i can remember my exact word for word script.. They say something to the effect that if you do not settle to the terms they give you, they will submit a recommendation for a judgement to be made against you in the state of XXXXXX.... This is what they say to every debtor!! They have NO legal authority!! IF they threaten or say that they will have you arrested and all of your property seized, this IS a direct VIOLATION of FDCPA code!!
#5.. They CANNOT take more out of your checking or savings account than what YOU agree to and WHEN you agree to have it deducted!! IF they do not agree to your terms of payment, this is also a violation!
#6.. IF you talk to the collector at all, RECORD the conversation, and TELL the collector you are recording it!! If they continue talking to you instead of hanging up.. like most collectors do... then you can use this recording in the event that you do end up in court.. you can even use this if they decide to harrass you!! if they do anything that i have already explained above... you can use the recording against them!!
#7.. You must send them a cease and desist order by certified mail for it to work! If you simply tell them to stop calling they can keep calling.. but know this... They are only ALLOWED to talk to you on the phone ONCE per day!! They can leave multiple messages.. (as long as they do not disclose the reason they are calling is to collect a debt) but once they TALK to YOU they are not allowed BY LAW to call you back unless you specifically told them to call!!! AND even better... They are not allowed to call your work IF your supervisor tells them not to!! And they must call your residence between 9 AM and 8 PM in your time zone... If they call any other time!! It is harrassment!!!
#8.. College Loans... College loans are the only tricky area when it comes to collections... A college loan is the only debt that can have serious consequences if not paid... they CAN put a lein on your tax refunds... they CAN garnish your wages!!! BUT depending on who owns your debt now... NES can set up payment options for this as well!!! ASK !!!

I am not sure how other collections companies work... but NES is definitely doing bad business!! Thats why I quit... I didnt want to end up being sued for doing my job... and I am not a MEAN person at heart!!! If you owe a debt, I would never tell you not to pay it... but these people are heartless and spineless!!!
I hope this was helpful!!!

Sub: #109 posted on Tue, 01/15/2008 - 13:32


My experience dealing with National Enterprise Systems has been similar to all the negative responses posted here. NES is by far the most aggressive and unscrupulous collection agency I have ever dealt with. NES attempted to collect a debt from me in clear violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

I didn't answer the phone when they called at first because the number came up as blocked or "private." When family members answered the phone, their agents accused them of lying, said things like "Why don't you stop lying to me, and admit that you're her." They also told my family that if I didn't return their call within the next 20 minutes, I would be subpoenaed.

A few weeks later, they called me at work! I do not know for certain how they got the number. This was a very humiliating and awkward situation. I do not have a direct line at work, so the receptionist connected the call for me to a colleague's phone. As soon, as I got on the line, the NES employee started yelling at me. I immediately told him that I was at work, and that I couldn't talk. I didn't hang up because I was scared that he would just call back. He wouldn't let me off the phone despite me repeatedly telling him that I was at work and could not talk at this time (which is illegal). Two of my colleagues and several other people were in the room at the time. He kept yelling and threatening me with being sued and having my wages garnished (again, illegal). I finally got off the phone with him when I gave him another phone number and arranged a time that I could take the call at that number. When I took that call at the designated time and number, I was harassed and threatened with being sued again. The NES agent refused to refer me to a supervisor, yelled and belittled me, before hanging up and calling back again. He called back and connected me to someone else who also yelled me. I was so upset.

I have since sent a cease and desist letter. I wanted to protect myself from further harassment and calls to my workplace in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

I'm also considering filing complaints with the Attorney General's office in my state as well as in Ohio where NES is based. I may also report their illegal behavior to the FTC and/or BBB.

In my opinion, it is very important to understand the debt collection process and its legalities to determine how you are going to proceed. From the information available, it looks like NES and other collection agencies like them, acquire accounts from creditors after the original account has not been paid on long enough that the first creditor can not legally pursue the debt any longer. NES buys the debt by paying the original creditor a fraction of the balance owed, and then hounds you for the full amount. NES employs scare tactics and illegal practices to profit from these unfortunate circumstances. I believe most people want to pay their bills. Sometimes people fall upon hard times. And even when they're no longer able to pay, many people have already made payments that amount to usury. In other words, the debtor (you) may have paid enough before their account lapsed so that the original loan amount has been repaid along with an amount of interest that would still have made the loan fair and profitable for the creditor. I think this is unethical, but NES and other sharks take advantage and profit from people who are unfortunate more often than not. They can not make money if people refuse to pay them, especially when they are attempting to collect debts in violation of the law.

Thank you to everyone who has posted about NES here. The information helped me to be better informed, and decide how to deal with them. I hope that my experience may help someone else who is having the same difficulty.

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