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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

Guest - Frank is right - this company is a junk debt buyer. They will harrass you by phone SEVERAL times a day. My sister has been dealing with them regarding an old credit card debt that was charged off by the original creditor and then sold to them for pennies on the dollar. Enterprise added their "legal fees" to it, to the tune of an additional $250, and threatened to take her to court over it. I told her (thanks to the advice found at this site) to play hardball with them and tell them to go ahead and take her to court. She's in an extremely low income situation - she makes very little and her husband is disabled and can't work - so if they DID take her to court, chances are very good that the judge would end up making a payment arrangement for her with Enterprise. But to be honest, in all the posts on this site regarding Enterprise, I have YET to see anyone say that this company actually took them to court. That's not to say it wouldn't ever happen, but somehow I doubt it - this company seems to be all about the scare factor - trying to stress debtors out by making threats they don't intend to carry out.

They refused to make any sort of payment arrangement with my sister, demanded payment in full or they would take her to court. She told them she couldn't pay it in full, that she would have to just see them in court. They continue to call her home up to 10 times a day - almost every hour - but she doesn't pick up the calls because they won't work with her. They started threatening her over 3 months ago with taking her to court - however, to this date, no paperwork for a court date has materialized.

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yeah these guys sent me a letter saying I owe 4000 and I needed to pay. I attempted to make 500 dollars in payments later that month as a sign of goodwill that i was trying to work it out with them. a month or so later i see the money has never been taken out of my account like it was supposed to. i call and they say that's because i have to set up stuff with them, etc. etc. i give him 320 of the original 500 (because it got spent unknowingly) later that week. since then i have given (in total) close to 1000. they say if i can't beg/borrow/steal the rest of the money they will take me to court and garnish my wages or what have you. because of these guys i've had sleepless nights and wanted to throw my car off a bridge. it's ruining my life but there is no way i can come up with 3000+ dollars in that little time. i'm a student and i only work part time during the semester. what do i do? i haven't paid my bill in a long time and it took me awhile to get in contact with NES but i've got a good job now and i am making a lot more money. i'm trying to settle my problems with them, but they are not making it easy. i can borrow another 1000 if need be, but i don't want to rob peter to pay paul. so is 1000 enough to show good faith that i want to take care of this? or 2000? how much do i need to give them to have them give me more time?


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Like many others I am also on the NES hit list. Thankfully, they only have my home and cell numbers, which they call endlessly. Usually we don't answer but on the occasions we have they are beyond rude and don't care what information they give to anyone. My gf hates these jerks. She dishes it back to them and tells them that she is recording the calls. They always hang up when they hear that. I appreciate the info on the C&D letter. I'm going to give it a try.

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Do not give these jerks a dime, they dont deserve it. Its actually fun talking to these people, I waste their time and talk about movies, they hang up on my face haha. Like I said, DO NOT GIVE THESE JERKS A DIME.

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Thank you all for posting this information.

We are currently working on a case of an elderly couple who was scammed out of the majority of their life savings. Their credit card debt is more than most people make per year.

National Enterprise Systems has been harassing this couple to a horrible extent. We are taking measures to prevent them from doing so.
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I guess I shouldn't deprive myself from sleeping now. Thanks for clearing my nerves. I got a call today from this company and almost felt like calling everyone I know to get money to pay them off. Uff this is a relief. Apparently Zales goes through them as well. I tried setting up an arrangement, telling them I would pay them off by September 15 and the lady (Taylor) got very rude saying I had until the 24th of August to pay off this bill, otherwise they would take me to court. I went online and found you guys - I love the internet- Thank you so much! I also found their website and apparently they promote themselves as being a "different" collection agency. They use "different" tactics to get your money back (your referring to Sears, Zales, CitiGroup, etc). Well I guess we should try to do something to these people for putting us under stress and putting our jobs in jeopardy. After all McDonalds had to pay the lady who spilled her coffee on herself and claimed that she didn't know it was hot. Who can help?

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These rude bottom feeders called me at work about 10 times over a 3 day period, I told them the first time they called me at work to stop calling me at work, they ignored me, yelled at me and threatened to take me to court if I didn't pay. I have not received anything in the mail from them yet. I finally complained to the FTC and the State Attorney Generals Office which I spoke with on the phone, the funny thing is the Attorney Generals Office knew exactly who I was talking about and already had a contact name and phone number, what does that tell you. I am also sending a letter to cease all phone calls and only communicate by mail.

I wonder how long it will be before someone files a class action law suit.

Found an interesting link for a law firm that will take action against these types of collections agencies reversesettlement dot com

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:x My husband and I were just contacted by this so called collections previous message was left for us regarding anything of this matter, however when we were contacted this evening NES had left a very rude and threatening message, bascially stating that they had called us repeaddly...LIE!! Another thing that we are not sure of is what they are calling about they only left there Name and phone number no other information. As far as what it is regarding or anything...I believe that if they are suppose to be collectors of some sort then they should state who they are collecting for...RIGHT??? I think that it is ridiculious and they have only began to mess with my husband and me, we do not take lightly to threats or rudeness.....!

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We had the pleasure of receiving calls on multiple occasions over the past week from NES - for a person we've never heard of. The moron who finally left a message - Larry Garvey, 1-800-204-1819 Ext 1322 - - then tried to claim we were giving him a disconnected / invalid number, suggesting that we were making things up. The guy sounded like he didn't have both oars in the water - one fry short of a Happy Meal. When he finally transferred to me one of NES' "account resolution representative", I had to explain that the we never knew the person he was looking for, and although she shares our same common last name, we had this number for 10+ years and there was no way our number would be mistaken in this way. WE further informed this ARR that we have stellar credit and no outstanding / delinquent debt, so they were way off base with these dozen-plus attempts at contacting us since the beginning of the week. So, ole Larry was just on a fishing expedition, randomly dialing up people with the same last name. THIS is how this company tracks people down? Amazing!

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I use to work for them they really are full of crap. I really fell for people who came across a hard time and just could not afford to pay the bill. I have been there and out now because of them I am back there all over again,

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