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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

These people called my cell phone on August 13th and told me that I had to pay them $2500 to settle by Aug 25th or there would be a civil judgement filed on me. He then proceeded to tell me that since I am a nursing student that I would be able to obtain my license once I graduated because of this. He also told me that if I didn't agree to pay this that I would be taken to court and they would garnish my wages up to 40%. I asked him if I could make payments and he told me that it was too late.

I panicked and told him that I had never gone thru this before and didn't know what to do. He tried to be 'nice' and tell me how I was screwing up my future and I was going to school for nothing. He said if I didn't pay this amount that my whole total would be $5400 after it went to court. He suggested I get a loan, but then said "no, you won't be able to get one with this on your credit report", and then told me to ask my parents or grandparents to charge it to their credit card. In a panic I gave him my bank account numbers and said I would try to come up with something.

I ended up calling a credit counseling center and now I have been set up with a financial attorney who is going to help me get this straightened out. I am not saying that I owe this money. I *want* to pay it ... but I can't come up with it out of the blue. She immediately told me to call the company and tell them to cancel the transaction.. that the money is not there and that I had a lawyer. I called they said they cancelled it and told me "good luck"

Then I received a call on Monday morning (the 27th) from a woman asking why my payment didn't go thru and now I have a bad check to pay. I told her that I had cancelled the transaction. She argued with me about it.. put me on hold and finally said "Ok, the check has been 'killed'. Good luck" I called my bank and thankfully they didn't even try to process the payment, because there wasn't a bounce notice on my account. I figured they just had miscommunication within their office...?

Anyway, this morning I got a call AT WORK from 'Lesley' who was in their 'legal department'. i hung up on her at first... then she called back again and asked why I refused to work with her and why I kept hanging up. I told her that I was at work and I couldn't get personal phone calls. She said that she will take this as I don't want to work on this and that it was a refusal. I explained that i wasn't refusing, I just wanted to be able to make payments. She said that I could settle with $1500 but it had to be paid TODAY. Funny... they lowered it by $1000 in one week.... I told her that I didn't have $1500 but I had a lawyer and she said they do NOT deal with third party payments. I told her sorry, I don't have it. And she said "Well, we will see you in court!!!!" I said "OK" and she hung up.

I immediately called my lawyer and they said they were just threating me and not to worry about it. They are sending them a letter now to let them know that they need to leave me alone and to deal with my lawyers ONLY.

I hate those people.

Again, I am not doubting that I owe this. I made some bad choices in the past. Things are better now and I want to fix it, but they are just

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These screwheads have been calling me up to 20 times a day for the past 2 months. I've heard the same guy 5 times in 36 hours use different names to make it look like they are some huge company. These guys are have the moral compass of that would make a pirate blush and they don't and CAN'T do anything they say.

Last week I laughed myself silly on the phone with one putz who said he was going to have the sheriff pick me up when I got home (yes, they call me @ work too; even AFTER being told multiple times to stop). The reason I laughed is b/c I KNOW all the deputies (it's a small town) so I told them which on to send because he likes my wife's cooking :oP

Then they called back 2 days later and said he was a laywer WITH the town I live in and there was a summons being reviewed by a judge! -->again, it's a small town and I personally know ALL the police, lawyers, judges, deputies, even the EMT's personally BY NAME and they're all friends of the family so I started asking what his name was and who is mom and dad were -- and !duh!, he changed the subject really quickly into a line of "we need to straighten this out" :oD what a complete rotten b@st@rd

After getting all of these B.S. threats from these jackals I'll burn in hell before I send them a crap-coated nickel !!!!

btw, they can't do jack to you without notifying you IN WRITING that they are proceeding with a suit and then they have to supply the case number, lawyer's name, where, what, how, why, etc... This company works like the mafia: a dead man can't pay -- and neither can a bankrupt one -- so it's in their best interest to harass you to get ANY money they can. This company paid literally 1% of the total $$$ you owe to whatever company you have debt with for YOUR account. Anything they get from you past 1% is ALL PROFIT FOR THEM.

Take your time. Don't pay them jack-squat. And DON'T believe the B.S. about "lawsuits", "arrests", "supeona", "take your house", BLAH!!!!! They are POWERLESS to do anything. I have YET TO SEE ANYONE ACTUALLY GET SUED BY THESE G.D. MORONS !!!!!!! STAND UP, HANG UP, and call the FTC + Attorney General (877-382-4357)

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i'm w/ you Bill!!so monday the 10th the office manager at my husband's work gets a call from Tina Cache'(WTF?)They asked her if he was still employed there, what the address was and warned her that wage garnishmnets were going to be filed against him if he didn't call her back immediately. She passes on the husband is a very busy manager so he calls me at work very despondent and pissed. So i call Tina and we get to talking. our debt from bank of america she said was 18,000. we do owe them, that we don't deny but we've had some hard luck. when we can pay we will pay bank of america- not these turds. She told me it had to be paid in full by friday the 14th. does she honestly think if i had a spare 18,000 lying around that i would be carrying debt?!?! dumbass.
she ran the game.we will be served the next day, sued,taken to court, a judgement filed against us,lien against vehicles/house/businesses/bank accts/tax returns... if either of us wanted to change careers,we were unemployable because of our credit history..35% wage garnishment,plus another 3000 in court costs. on and on and on.i was upset. she came across as legit.she sensed my despair and asked if she could put me on hold.she came back and said that after talking to their lawyer she was authorized to go down to 12200.all the late fees/overlimit fees/interest was forgiven. i told her it was still not possible,she puts me on hold again and says"we don't normally go this low this fast but the lawyer ok'd it to go to 9900. hhhmmm 50% in 5 minutes?!she asked if we could get a loan or did we have a 401k we could tap or family we could borrow it from......? Very good scare tactics but scummy to take advantage of some one caught off guard. she did her job well tho.called our bank, tried to get a loan(w/ this on it seriously??).
we were so addled,we went to my husbands 82 yr old parents for help. they were going to help and they called all the siblings and rallied the troops. thank God they were thinking. after a night to think about it, they began to wonder if this company was for real and after sitting through somewhat of a lecture,got very uncomfortable and kinda embarassed, they convinced us to do some research 1st before everyone threw money down a rabbit hole.
my husband and i are giddy w/relief. we will finally sleep well after 2 nights of not. Tina Cache' better watch out tomorrow.I have fury!! ratturds almost got us. i hate to be taken for an idiot and they will get that point.
thanks for all the tips about a C&D and validation letter.i will also ask for all my acct info for the creditor they are collecting for and their contact info and tell them i am reporting them to FTC and the attorney general.
let's see what happens....

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in2justice - can't wait to see the outcome of your story.

By the way, if ANYONE here has ever been sued by NES, I'd like to see that story posted as well. So far, all I've ever seen posted about them are empty threats. No one has ever said that these yahoos actually followed through with their threats to sue - apparently they can't afford to - all they can afford to do is make threats.

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yeah me and my wife were just scared into making 50% payments of the close to $600 debt from these jerks. it is originally a verizon bill and though we CAN make these payments it will put our family in a very difficult postition for about a month. i am VERY interested to hear what happens, in2justice. i have made a payment for today and a promise for next week. if it is indeed possible to make smaller payments each week then that is what i would prefer to do. when you are being sued doesnt someone have to come to your house, hand you papers and say something like: "youve been served" or something? anyway, after reading whats been posted on this forum i am serisouly considering putting stop payments on these checks. but then again, what if i can just pay them and be done with them. we ARE responsible for the debt, just having trouble paying it. i have no intention of trying to skip out of paying, i just dont want to be scared into making a rash decision that may put my family in danger.

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Today this company called & demanded my husband pay in full. We absolutely cannot pay in full & "Mike"(-the guy on the other end) said no payment plan could be made. I don't know how he had personal info. on our lives, but it's driving my husband insane because they called his work 4x. Can someone let me know how they resolved their situation or what ur trying to do to resolve it??

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well today Tina called back and wanted to know how things were going getting the money together. i told her it wasn't happening. she said" oh you can't get it together?" I said" i probably could but we're not going to.I did research on you guys and you will never get one crap covered nickel from us."(thanks Bill for the quote :lol: She then asked if we had an attorney. I told her "no" and that we didn't need one.
I then said"I'm calling your bluff- take us court if you can." and as i was saying "and don't call me at work again." she hung up on me. I totally expected the phone to continuously ring off the hook w/ calls from the bad cop half of the routine, but no more came. we'll see tomorrow how many times. they didn't call my husband's work or our home again yet either.
I sent out the C&D/validation letter Express mail signature required. hopefully they get it monday, but from Alaska it might be tues or wed.
I will try and keep you all informed, but we have no fear of these people any longer. they are cowards w/ no conscience. soulless inhumans whom i have absolutely no idea how they sleep at night. the emotional upheaval and distress they put good people through should be enough for us to sue them for emotional damages. we also don't deny we owe a debt, but stuff happens in life and when we can comfortably pay off that debt it will be to the original creditor-not these morons. fendenkrell, if you send them a check for $5 and they cash it, they cannot do anything to you. womanfedup, when they call work simply quote to them this-"you are in violation of the fair debt collection practices act. do not call me at this number again" and hang up.if they call again tell them they are now being reported to the FTC and the state's attorney generals office." it usually works.I seriously doubt they have an attorney licensed for our state to actually file a suit anyway.
it's late for me tonight but maybe tomorrow i'll type out the letter as a template for you guys to use. a legal friend of mine said it was all that was necessary to shut them up.
more later.

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in2justice - keep us posted - this is most interesting!

This company badgered my sister for months with up to 20 phone calls a day. I had her send a validation letter, and they sent back something of a validation. They kept threatening her with court, but this is going on several months now, with no court papers being served or any court date being set.

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Hello all-
Neither my husband nor I received 1 single phone call from NES on Friday or Saturday. I don't think they're giving up but maybe regrouping. Hopefully the C&D letter will get there before the next assault.Here is the template letter I sent:

your name
city state zip


National Enterprise Systems
29125 Solon Rd
Solon OH 44139

RE:the acct NES assigned
Client ID NES assigned

To Debt Collector:
As per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:
"A collector may contact you in person, by mail,telephone,telegram or fax. However,a debt collector may not contact you at inconvenient times or places,such as before 8am or after 9pm,unless you agree. A debt collector also MAY NOT contact you at work if the collector knows that your employer disapproves of such contacts."

Therefore, this notice to cease and desist all communication with your name, other than by United States Postal Service, in regards to the above referenced debt. If you fail to heed this notice,a formal complaint against you will be filed with the Federal Trade Commission(FTC)and the State's Attorney Generals office.

We have decided that we will NOT work with this agency or any other agency you are doing business as or have dealings with.We will contact the original creditor to resolve this matter directly with them,as circumstances warrant.If adverse information is placed on our credit reports because of this notification,appropriate legal action will be taken against you.

We also request that you provide via mail,all legal,documented account information pertaining to the original creditor for whom you state you are collecting for.This includes:account number,debt owed and contact name and phone number. If you cannot provide this information,consider your business with us immediately terminated.

Hope this helps. But I do have a question for anyone who can answer a validation letter question.
Does the validation letter they provide have to be THEIR account info for you for the debt they are collecting or does it have to be the ORIGINAL creditors account info about and for you? Does that make sense? sorry i can't ask it clearer. Appreciation for anything about validation letters would help.
thank you

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This company is calling me 8 times a day. I finally called them today. I was told I owed 2000K on a gas card but she did not even know the name. She was fishing to see if I had on in 95. The have my name and SS#. I told her to F off. She was screaming. I put out a fraud allert with all 3 bureaus.

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