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Has anyone dealt with Palisade Collections in the past?

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I need to contact them about payment.

Any help is appreciated.

does anyone know how to check on a tol free number i think that they are calling me me four to five times a day and sometimes every ten minutes. there is never any body there and when you call back there is a busy signal. i called their office in omaha and their attourney was very rude they are trying to collect on a bill that was cleared by a bankruptcy and put it on our credit reportthe nimber is 800-938-6118. would appreciate any information on this place

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Try this for Palisades. 201-567-5648.

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I had a AT&T account. Finally found a telephone number to call at Palisades. Did a payment over the phone in July 2006. First mistake, didn't get a comfirmation number. Just checked my credit report (experian) and it shows that I still owe money. How long before it comes, or will it every? How can I get a telephone number to talk to Palisades? This is the only bad mark on my credit and want it off, so I can have better credit.

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I just received that i had a past due balance with atat and i have a past due balance with them which i never hhave now they sent me mail in the mail with a letter for a past due account for the amount of 2,000 dollars also with 7 percent intrest and also they are taking me to court next month so now i have to pay a lawyer and dont know who to call from my state this account that they said was opened over five years ago almost

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I have some accounts on my credit report that I belive are from identity theft. One of them are from palisades. I was wondering how I go about finding out information from them. has anybody delt with this. Also I do not want to end up haveing them calling me ll the time while I'm trying to deal with this. thanks

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this is their customer servive number 18008735648

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Would call and tell you that if you did not pay they would update credit reports. (to say o.k. it sits another 7 years from today)these companies do this to lower your score and get your attention. Do not let these people know you care about your credit. They will use that against you

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hi, my fiance just got legal papers from the sheriffs department today saying that palisades is taking him to small claims court for a balance owed to at&t for $986.08! he had the account with at&t about 5 years ago, the last bill he received from them was for around $182, that was the last we heard from them. I went on the BBB site to see what he can do about this,i believe they are wrong here in many ways.We never received any phone calls or letters from Palisades, nor a bill with proof and/or reasoning of why the bill is so high.We dont believe we should have to pay this unjustly bill and are very upset that they went to the lenghts they have to collect without contacting us personally first.We would appreciate any help you can give us,any thoughts on what we should do to resolve this matter, preferebly out of the court. Thank you!! -Jackie Walsh :(

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I don't know a lot about this subject, but someone will come along and help ya out. I do know that you do Want to go to court otherwise they will get a default judgement against you..also I know that they will have to validate the debt

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First get the debt validated by Palisades. You need to be sure about the debt for which they are collecting from you. Besides, do check the SOL of your state. It looks like the statues might have already expired as per your state laws. If this is the case, they won't be able to sue you in the court. You will have to write a dispute letter notifying the expiry of SOL to Palisades.

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