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Has anyone dealt with Palisade Collections in the past?

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I need to contact them about payment.

Any help is appreciated.

Take them to court and make them prove it.When it is found out that it is not a valid debt,countersue them for taking an action they were not allowed to take(fdcpa). Please review the three links in my signature for info on what they are allowed to do.

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Pallisade, llc. belongs to Asta Funding Inc. Asta Funding Inc.
210 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
United States - Map
Phone: 201-567-5648
Fax: 201-569-6198

Pallisade Telephone Representative are first line employee wiht a very limited lines of response. I believe that if your case is one legit and well evidence you migth want to try reach seniors oficial in the institution.

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I just sent them a letter. They started calling me this past week and when I viewed my Credit report, guess whom was on there. They have been on there since August 2008 ( the same month that I refinance with Countywide home mortages). Why have they waited till now to call.

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Ok I just got a bill from Palisades Collection, stating I owe $502.85 from At&T wireless. What should I do if I know for a fact I dont owe this. I use to have cingular wireless and ended my contract with them and didnt owe them anything. Never got a bill what so ever. Ive looked on my credit report and there is nothing showing on there of this deliquency. I have also called AT&T and they have no record of me oweing anything. What can I do?

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Send a DV letter, CMRRR, to Palisades now, look through this site for a template and suit it to your needs. Do nothing until they have fully validated this, if it is as you say you will probably never hear from them again. Send that letter

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