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I called AIP today ( 800-274-4159 ) and spoke to a Maggie, who transfered me to her supervisor Franny.

I spoke to them about my paying 1500 on a pdl of 200 since feburay.

I was told they were governed by the laws of england.
I was very polite to the woman and told her that in my state, she needed to be licensed to do pdl's and that the company was not, nor were they abiding by the state limits. I explained that I over paid by 1200 so far and that I was not looking for a refund, but simply to have it considered PIF. I'd much rather have it stopped than to attempt to get a refund, to be honest.

She said she would call me back in a few minutes after she went through my file, so I asked her if she knew when because I had spoken to someone in my states department and informed them I would be calling AIP and was "sure they'd be reasonable" and was expected to call them back if and when I was ready to go further with my concerns.

I got a call back within ( no lie ) 50 seconds to inform me they consider it paid in full.

She did tell me that they do not charge intrest, just a processing fee ( I'm thinking this is how they trick people ).

Anyways, thanks to this forum I had enough ammo to call and state my case. I am so happy that I did not have to get loud with her....even though I was completely ready to do so! lol

Now to call the bank and give a list of names to be blocked....just in case :P

I don't know the name AIP but if it is coming out of the UK and is part of CashTodayLimited or BIG then that Paid in Full verbal comment or letter isn't worth the paper it was written on. If you want to keep an account at the bank you are at then at least close the current one and open a new one with a new account number otherwise you are going to be disputing illegal transactions forever.

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