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im at a loss..i had taken out several pdl's back 1-2yrs ago - so many charges that my checking account became overdrawn and it was overdrawn for so long that the bank closed it. i honestly have no idea if all pdls were paid in full - but i have paid personally the ones that contacted me. Just today I was contacted at work by a foreign man from a local phone number in town stating that i was being brought up on charges of fraud and criminal etc and owed (with fees ) over 5200$ - everytime I asked him who he represented and could he send me something showing where this amount came from - he just kept saying no you have 5 minutes to make payment on this to me over the phone or we will contact the authorities to pick you up at work. He had my bank account name and account # which was closed 2 years ago - the only fee that was still open with the bank ws $ 94 and I paid that off personally.
what do i do about this - and can they do what he is threatening ??

Call the number they called you from afterhours. Just listen to their greeting! They admit to being scammers. Was this done on purpose or what?

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If someones tells you you have 5 minutes to pay or else, I don't think you have too much to sweat about. Tell him, you are putting him on a speaker phone and have a colleague or two as witnesses. Or just tell him to please hold....and hold.
People like these are trying to scare you, they are waging a psychological war against you hoping you break down. They are bullies. My advice would be to stay calm, even if you just want to scream at them. Yelling suggests insecurity, threats are made to make YOU insecure. But do not threaten them back, unless you have something very solid to base your threats on, otherwise they will know you are just guessing. If you don't just want to hang up (you want to actually know what they have to say) then be like a machine when dealing with them. Don't show any emotion, and make you answers very short and every so often ask "sorry, what did you say your name was? who did you say you represent? How much did you say I owe? and other 'did you say' questions. This very well may caught them in a lie and also it will break their thought train a little. BTW, ask these questions in the middle of his sentences. It annoys the hell out of them, and is in a way a form of bullying - you bullying them in a non-threatening way! Show them you are not scared, that you know where you stand legally as well as emotionally, and calling you will not make you bow down and hand them your money. If you cannot keep calm, or if you feel they are getting to you, just put them on hold or say "sorry, gotto go" and hang up.
BTW, if you hear a thick accent, reply in thick accent. When they say the conversation is going to be recorded, tell them to wait a second, make a little noise, and tell them, that you are recording it too. If the calls at work may cause problems for you, just talk to the receptionist not to transfer any calls. She should ask them who is calling, and then just tell them, that no solicitation or personal calls are allowed. If they call at your home late at night, you just have to unplug the phone or turn the volume down. Or have your number changed.
And one final advice - do not give them any update on your situation, be it new address, new bank account -anything that has changed you keep to yourself. And don't even confirm any old information they may have. Just say" why do you need to know this?" " I don't think I have to answer this" etc" Good luck.

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