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First of all, Tribal loans can't garnish your paycheck.
Secondly, you didn't mention your state where you live, So, check if payday lending is legal in your state or not. If not, you don't have to worry about them, just pay the principal amount as per your convenience, pay no interest at all. So, revoke ach at once.

But if payday lending is legal in your state, you have to pay principal+interest, there is no other way. So, you may revoke ACH, and transfer al your money into another account, but do not close that first account. If you take help of a debt settlement company then you might have to show that you don't have sufficient money left to pay off those payday loans.

I would suggest you to take help of a professional debt settlement attorney and get out of this mess.

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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Tribal lenders can't garnish your wage. Neither will they appear on your credit report. You are only expected to pay the principal amount to tribal lenders. But yes there is a clever strategy tribal lenders use. They often assign accounts to collection agencies, who then report to credit bureaus.

You should revoke the ACh authorization and close the bank account immediately.

Lendumo, Makwa Finance, Fine Day Funds, Littlelake Finance Zfunds - Looks like they are of the same company with different names. All of them are illegal loans.

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David Martin David Martin

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thank you for the advice. I live in Florida.

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teresa L stouder teresa L stouder

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Would living in Florida allow me to just pay back the principle and not the interest? TY all again for the insight!

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teresa L stouder teresa L stouder

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