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I have 5 PDLs in Montana and would like help

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I'm in Montana and I have 5 internet payday loans - I just found this forum and need help getting rid of these PDLs. Thank you!

ameriloan - 250 - first payment of 75 due 09/20
Loanshop online - Isle Ventures - 300 - first payment of 90 due 09/20
Unitedcashloans - 300 - first payment of 90 due 09/20
OMG Group (oasis1 marketing group) - 200 - have paid 120 (2 payments of 60 each) with a payment of 60 due 09/20
MLadvance/JHPartners - 300 - have paid (I think) 270 (3 payments of 90 each) with a payment of 90 due 09/20

I have contacted my employers to have my direct deposit changed to another bank, but I may have a paycheck still coming to my original bank tomorrow (and maybe Friday from a second job, but hopefully not). Hopefully, my next paychecks will go to my new account.

I haven't closed my bank account yet (and in reading the sticky about closing accounts, I guess I'm glad I haven't done that. I still need to do the revocation letters. Well, I just e-mailed revocation letters, but I need to print them tomorrow and mail them - and maybe fax them?)

Thank you so much!

I've received three e-mail responses from the PDLs so far from my revocation e-mails - here is the first one: (This one my bank actually let the $60 payment through, even though it took my account into the negative)

Per your loan contract, your required finance charge payment of $60.00 was set up at the end of the business day yesterday to run through your checking account today. Please be aware that if this payment is returned by your financial institution for reason of stop pay, frozen account, etc., your loan will be sent to an outside collections company.

Provided that this finance charge of 9/20/07 clears your checking account, your payoff balance on your loan will be $260.00. Since your next scheduled finance charge due date is 10/04/07, this payment in the form of Money Order or Cashier's Check must be received in our Servicing Center by no later than noon on 10/3/07. The mailing address of our Servicing Center is as follows:

941 'O' Street, Suite 800
Lincoln, NE 68508

Again, this payoff must be received in our Servicing Center as indicated above in order to stop the next scheduled finance charge from running through your account.

Oasis1 Marketing Group, Inc.

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momr&a momr&a

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Here's another company's response (I guess):

Fax Number: 1-800-803-8794

Email Address: customerservice(at)

We have received your application but have a few questions regarding your application.

Please call us at 1-800-279-8511.

Thank you for your interest in UnitedCashLoans.

Thank you,


Please be advised, some responses are made via email. If you receive an email from UnitedCashLoans, be sure to open and review all attachments with the email. If your email address has changed, please inform the representative you contact of your new email address.

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momr&a momr&a

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And another:

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 14:33:23 -0500
From: "Britney Whelan" Add
Good Afternoon Ms. "me",
We received your email. Per your contract if you have revoked authorization and did not contact us to set up arrangements, you authorize Ameriloan to prepare and submit a check into your account for the balance of the loan. This is not something that can be revoked. Since you do not want us to call you, and you have to talk to someone in our department to set up payment arrangements. You will need to contact us no later than Tuesday the 25th to set arrangements. We can be reached at 800-536-8918. Thank you and have a good weekend!

Britney W

Collection Supervisor
phone# 800-536-8918 ext 2015
fax# 800-803-9176

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momr&a momr&a

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Yeah, banks can be hard to deal with on the phone.

BTW - My bank doesn't post the OD fees until the next day . . . . So they may still be coming.

I would call back and talk to someone else. Don't say payday loans. Say your account information has been comprimised (maybe you lost your purse or something) and you need to stop any charges, as you have nothing pending and nothing else is authorized.

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goudah2424 goudah2424

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Yeah, I figured there might still be some coming. That's a good tip on how to talk to them - I'll try that. Thanks!

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momr&a momr&a

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Kristi, Be sure to file with the BBB on United Cash Loans. I did and they responded. Said I was not their client and could not help me. I found that quite funny. Anyway..It was more response that some people received and it is helping my complaint with my AG.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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OK - should I file now with the BBB on all 5 PDLs?

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momr&a momr&a

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kris, your bank - once you send a deposit in and get it back into the positive status, ask them to please CLOSE it. Ask them if anything will "force" it back open. If the answer is yes, then tell them to put a "hard debit block" on it. ameriloan stated they are going to send an electronic check through. They will do this. Believe me. Tell the bank (if you want a story) that a "so called friend" got your bank information and is running rampent with it. Like goudah said, do not say anything about pay day loans. Tell them someone got your bank account information. It needs to be closed. Ameriloan is going to be putting a check through soon. You can count on that one. Remember if they tell you that it can be "forced" open, they need to put a "hard debit block" on it. It'll block the check from Ameriloan. Nothing will go through. Make sure they do one or the other. Because soon, they're all going to hit. United Cash Loans email to you sounds odd to me. They have a "question" regarding your "application"?? What? Probably just a way to get you to call them. However, in answer to your last question, please file all your complaints. You should have done this already. Get them filed as soon as you can. Start first with the BBB. Then go to the FTC. Then go to your state AG. File on all of the internet loans. Each one separately. If you have any questions, just post. :D

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cannr cannr

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OK, thanks cannr.

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Again, that last post was me. And, yeah, I thought that United Cash Loans e-mail was odd, too, but I figured it was just a way to try to get me to call. I'll file those complaints this weekend and I'll do what you said with the bank account. Thanks!

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momr&a momr&a

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