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I have 5 PDLs in Montana and would like help

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I'm in Montana and I have 5 internet payday loans - I just found this forum and need help getting rid of these PDLs. Thank you!

ameriloan - 250 - first payment of 75 due 09/20
Loanshop online - Isle Ventures - 300 - first payment of 90 due 09/20
Unitedcashloans - 300 - first payment of 90 due 09/20
OMG Group (oasis1 marketing group) - 200 - have paid 120 (2 payments of 60 each) with a payment of 60 due 09/20
MLadvance/JHPartners - 300 - have paid (I think) 270 (3 payments of 90 each) with a payment of 90 due 09/20

I have contacted my employers to have my direct deposit changed to another bank, but I may have a paycheck still coming to my original bank tomorrow (and maybe Friday from a second job, but hopefully not). Hopefully, my next paychecks will go to my new account.

I haven't closed my bank account yet (and in reading the sticky about closing accounts, I guess I'm glad I haven't done that. I still need to do the revocation letters. Well, I just e-mailed revocation letters, but I need to print them tomorrow and mail them - and maybe fax them?)

Thank you so much!

It's making me pretty mad - and frustrated - too!!! Thanks, I'll keep trying!!

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momr&a momr&a

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UnitedCashLoans replied to my BBB complaint - I'm posting their reply - Can someone help me on how I should reply? It's good that they agreed to just take the principal, but there's no way I can pay the whole principal amount - $300 - by October 5th. I'd have to make payments.

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momr&a momr&a

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Okay, kris. Standard form email response. However, if you agree to the amount, then do this - counteroffer. I personally have not done this with MTE; however, others have and it has been accepted. Respond back with agreeing with the amount; however, it can not be by October 5th. Tell them when you can send payment. It's worth a shot. I've read others counteroffer and they accept it. Okay? Of course you can't pay that by that date. That's insane. Counteroffer. See what happens. It's worked with others here. :D

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cannr cannr

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Thanks - that's kind of what I figured. $300 is what they loaned me, and I've paid nothing so far. I figure I'll also mention again that they can't legally lend to me unless they're licensed in my state, which they're not.

Can I use their two attempted debits the day before saying they'll let me pay just the principal against them, or as leverage to get them to agree with me, in any way?

BUT, after posting that, I just checked my bank account online, and on 9/26/07 (the day before UnitedCashLoan posted this reply to the BBB), I have 2 NSF fees for UnitedCashLoans trying to debit (and 2 from ameriloan, 2 from Moneyline, and 1 from LoanShop).

I'm trying to get in touch with my bank to again beg for a hard block - I've authorized nothing further at all to be taken from this account, and this in insane. Now I'm negative with the bank around $550. Argh!!! This account needs to be closed or at least a hard block put on it - and two attempted debits in one day, leading to two NSF charges for one company (done by three companies)??? That's insane!!!

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momr&a momr&a

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kris, unfortunately MTE will debit the hell out of you. They will not stop. They'll keep hitting it trying to get money. You need to do something with your bank account badly!

As for the response, just respond stating that you agree to $300 to pif; however, October 5th is unacceptable (tell them you don't even get paid by then or something) and give a date you can pay them.

Whenever I was given an offer by MTE, I just flat out refused it because they wanted more money when I had already over paid.

However, others have gotten reasonable settlements by counteroffering. Do this. Agree with the amount, but not the date. See how they respond.

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cannr cannr

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Is MTE one of mine? Is that the same as MoneyLine? I believe that's the name that debits for MLAdvance (MLAdvance is one you guys couldn't find from my first post when I posted my 5 companies). I've seen quite a few posts about MTE. If that's who MoneyLine/MLAdvance is, then I guess I should go back to the BBB site and complain about MTE. If so, anybody have an address for them to help me figure out who to complain about?

I honestly can't believe my bank let 7 debits try to go through on the 26th, (3 companies twice each), of course charging me NSF fees for each one. I've already told the bank that there were no further authorized charges. How many fees are they going to charge me before they decide my account is too overdrawn and close it themselves? Holy crap!! I wonder if I should complain to the OCC, or maybe it's too soon for that...

I will respond to UnitedCashLoans via the BBB counteroffering and see what happens. Thanks!

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momr&a momr&a

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Does anyone know if loanshop/isle is illegal in Texas. They have taken $90 out of my last nine checks for a $300 loan. I tried to call the number given to my bank, and for the longest time the number didn't work. I called again yesterday to only wait listening to a recording. I wanted to pay them off 8 paydays ago, but couldn't contact them. I explained it to my bank, and they said if I come in and sign an affidavit they will refund my money. I am only willing to do this if I cannot contact the company. I believe that I have been overcharged due to their evasiveness. Any advice?

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did any thing happen? i am having problems with this company now... :x

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Call Helena, State Banking commission, they will tell you if they are licensed to lend here.

If they are not, you can file a complaint on their website and they will issue a Cease and Desist letter to them.

You can also find a list of MT State licensed lenders.

Good luck :wink:

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