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Plain Green is tribal but still pursing me two years later?? sorry long post but I REALLY need help!!

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Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with rare cancer. This only a couple of years after losing thousands of money in my divorce. I took out some loans and found out later they were tribal loans on here. I have paid and settled all of them and forgot about one particular loan with Plain Green. It was for $1600. I sent them the typical letter to stop ACH withdrawals and denied them to garnish my wages, denied them to contact any of my contacts including my employer. Told them I will pay back the principal only due to the fact that their loan is illegal in terms of interest in Florida and they were not licensed in Florida.

The reply I received merely stated the typical we are a sovereign and not required to abide by the laws of Florida, agreed to comply with my requests, but stated I was still owed to pay. As time went by dealing with my life stressors and cancer, I forgot about the debt. They showed up on my credit report which I had them removed by disputing it. The issue at hand is not a company called SPP has been robot calling me 5-10 times a day not claiming why they are calling, only stating the following:

"we are making an attempt to contact you from SPP consumer processing division since we have no record of you making contact to our offices prior we do need to inform you that we will be reaching out to your references which may include but are not limited to your relatives, friends, or coworkers, we will be informing them of their level of involvement in the inquiry. Once again your verbal statement is requested to help complete this inquiry."

They are calling my mother, who is extremely ill with aggressive, metastatic breast cancer, and had her all upset and worried, calling me and asking me what was going on. They have been calling people who I have never given numbers or anyone I have authorized. I am not sure if this is legal.

I was finally able to get the SPP collection on the phone and she stated this matter was urgent before due processing and asked me how I would like to pay. I told her she did not even clarify what she was calling in regards to and asked her if she realized that is was illegal for her to robot call me and my relatives over 5-10 times a day and that her company was previously charged for this multiple times. She stated they were my given references which I denied and stated back that she did not state what debt she was calling about. She asked for my last SS and address to clarify she was speaking to the correct person which I gave to her. But then she kept asking about payment today or payment plan. I stopped her and asked her to mail me a validation letter. She responded saying that this was an urgent matter that was running out of time before it is handled in a court setting. She recommended to email me a letter that I could print. I refused and asked her to mail it. Then proceeded to tell her for her and her company to stop harassing me and my contacts with phone calls. She said we are allowed to reach out to contacts. I told her I do not give you that authority and I can and will press charges for harassment just as others have done and won with your company. My family and I are under a large amount of stress as it is. She only said I am not going to go back and forth with you over this. Have a nice day and hung up.

Am I liable for this?? They are tribal and of course not legal in Florida. However, now SPP collection company who are one of the worst companies to deal with, masses of amounts of daily calls. and I am LIVID that they called my friends and my dying mother. What do I do from here??? I ask because everyone here has helped me with them in the past and I was able to settle other tribal loans and even received a refund of my overpayment. I have not since taken out a tribal or payday loan. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I am definitely reporting them!

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What happens if you don't or can't repay the principal balance?

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