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I took out a payday loan in June with Lend Nation for $520. After I did so I got bit by a copperhead at home and have missed several weeks of work. I was supposed to repay the loan - around $675 - on July 3rd. The loan was instantly funded via debit card and also repayment was to be via my debit card, not ACH. I knew I'd be unable to repay it on July 3rd, so I sent them several days in advance an ACH and Debit Card Revocation email. On July 11th, they ran my debit card and obtained $164. Then on August 4th, they ran my card three additional times for $164 each time. When I look at the account in their portal, it shows I still owe $25.

I will be getting a big check later this month for $4k, and had planned to repay it at that time. Them having run my card three times for $164 this week has caused me significant financial injury. I called my credit union, and was told since I gave them my debit card number, too bad so sad nothing they could do. I don't know if that is true or not, but it would seem to me that this whole way they've charged me shouldn't be allowed. Am I right? Any advice for what I could do here?

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