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RJM Acquisitions LLC - What do consumers say about them?

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Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).

Got a letter from them for a debt we don't even think exists, if it does it must be over 20 years old. Then just this week another one that is over 10 years old, I don't know if it is valid either, I sent them a SOL letter on both.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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I Just recieved a "Bill" from this company RJM. I am beside myself with worry and wondering what is this!
They want $1,968.85. Now I have to take precious time to call, write letters and investigate this charge. I keep a tight reign on my finances, being a small busines owner and purchasing several homes through the years, I have kept my credit in excelent standing.
Thus begins the investigation I find myself Here.

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Dispute the alledged debt, they are buying up all types of old credit. I think they must have gotten a bargain buy on some of it, it is way to old to collect on. It is nuts the stuff I am recieving from these guys. Don't even know what half of it is, disputing it all and not paying a dime.

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fedupinpa fedupinpa

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[font=Impact][/font][color=DarkRed][/color][size=6][/si ze]The same thing happend to me I got a 9 year old bank overdraft of $65.68 and it says they'll settle for $39.40. So I sent the money in on monday and I have not contacted them yet but I plan to on Monday. I hope they tell me that I can open a bank account with that bank because I actualy went to the bank and they told me that I could not open an account because of that debt.

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Just want to know if this RJM Acq LLC is Legit. They sent me an offer to pay the debt At 50% Discount, Now has anyone had a problem with them keeping thir word. and have they recorded and kept the credit report agencies up to date?

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RJM is trying to collect from me for someone who doesn't even live at my address or is related to me. If they say it's for a book club that's horse shit, I only read Playboy!

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These dumb ass people call my house all the time and have been told over and over they have the wrong number. Now their sending bills to my house, can you say harrasment? We need a class action law suit against them. It's time to SUE THEIR ASS!!!!!!!!!

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DON'T GIVE THEM A PENNY THOSE STUPID F@*KS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RJM is a joke. Lately they're trying to collect on debts from as far back as the early 1990s. They rely on the fact that most people don't even know about statutes of limitations, etc. They expect you to send some token payment and thus re-start the SOL. Don't be fooled by the "50% discounts" etc. They expect you to take advantage of this, so that they can take advantage of you by re-starting the sol and coming after you for the entire amount. RJM is not even licensed in several states where it is operating as a debt collector. Report them to your state AG if they are unlicensed, and tell them you are filing a complaint in a court in your jurisdiction against them, should you hear from them again.

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Law Student Law Student

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I got a letter from RJM and was going to pay it because it is a debt I know I have but it sounded a little strange with the gift offer and stuff. Should I go ahead and pay it? What is the SOL factor? And how do I find out the laws in my state?

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