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RJM Acquisitions LLC - What do consumers say about them?

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Has anyone ever had any experiences with RJM Acquisitions LLC NY? I received a letter in the mail from this company about three weeks ago about a fingerhut account that I had 5 years ago (or more).

this was paid several years ago to the book club involved they continued to send books which I returned unopened .These people reported me to the credit reporting agencies for a debit that I do not owe...I can not afford an Attorney to resolve this issue and I am sure that what they count on when harassing people

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RJM Acquisitions LLC sends me a note about once a year (the exact smae note that I get about once a year for the last 12-15 years) trying to collect on a $115 debt that is now 22 years old (from 1987), was purchased by my mother using my credit so it's not even my debt, and she passed away back in 1998. What is the statute of limitations anyway?

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SOL Is anywhere from 4-10 years depending on what state you live in. Now that can "try" to collect on the debt as long as they have it or until it is paid off. The best bet for you would be to send them a C&D letter.

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Count_Vlad Count_Vlad

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RJM actually dropped a number of debts for people in hardtimes and would send out a mailer regarding debts people owed. The poor feedback is due to people who have long forgotten about money they owed and are not happy about it being on their credit reports. Yes, some of it may be due to "bookclub" fees they have never paid & the not so free trial offers people have gotten themselves into.

When I worked there I did not see any cold calling at all. They sent out a mailer and If you called you would 90% of the time be asked to pay a fraction of what you owed. They dropped 60% of the debts for people in the "Katrina area".

Yes, some of it might be out of the statute but come on... only due to clever dodging.

Not i did not work on commish.... No I do not work for them any longer...

Oh an if the info was not cleared off the credit report ...CALL BACK!

Not so bad people over there.

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oh please.there isn't a single decent person there if you are an example of there employee.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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They have been harrassing me about my old Fingerhut account as well.

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Why would you delete it? I would just like people to know exactly what kind of human scum they are dealing with, and hopefully his employees can now be informed about what kind of pervert they work for, so that is what it has to do with anything. Delete it, I guess you condone those kind of people in our society, sorry for spreading the know. Just remember that you own sh(t cyberdork.

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That stupidity comment was really creative, I would bet that people must really enjoy your witty comments and intelligent banter. Maybe you could give scott some tips on how not to get busted with that kind of stuff. I guess I offended you.

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because humanoid.being i was slandered on other sites i don't feel the need for vulgar,disgusting,and probably false accusations.this is a bottomfeeder,but i won't tolerate just throwing you know what to the wall hoping it sticks.present proof of your posts not just conjecture.okay?because without some plausible proof that's what it is.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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oh please.there isn't a single decent person there if you are an example of there employee. -paulmergel This was your post, and you're talking sh(t about my comment? By the way, it is spelled "their" not "there".......... but you're the man around here.

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