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My husband is being threatened wage garnishment for medical bills totaling 606.00 from this past spring. will they really do this for such a small amount? i had sent them 25.00 right before i received this, probably crossed in the mail. thanks, TJ

I have a large sum of hospital bills dating back to Aril 2006. I have applied for disability and I want to know if the State of Virginia and North Carolina can garnish my back pay if I am approved for disability.

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I was hit by a car back in July. The gentlemen did not have insurance and neither did I. Will they garnish my wages? I make very little money?

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I was rushed to a cape girardue hospital when i collapsed with bleeding alsurs. The bill was $4980. since then my husband had a stroke and can no longer work and my job went south and we are living on 132.00 a week. They tried to garnish my work but said i didnt have enough money coming n and stopped the garnishment. Now they have put a levy on my checking account and my cable bill was bounced and my account is now 5,089. overdrawn . Can they do that

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You had already received the court summons,so in that case you are not eligible for either consolidation or settlement,the best thing suggested would be to wait for the court for a judgment,and if the repayment plans are still not suitable,I think that bankruptcy is the last option to get rid of that!!!!!!!!!

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what can i do if i cant go bankrupt until 2013 after my last divorce my x had cancer and the hospitals came after me for 50,000 on my x's hospital bill so i had to go bankrupt in 2003 to get them off me

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Our daughter had surgery and we had a $2000 co-pay. We never received a bill from the hospital, but instead got a collection. They refused to accept anything but checks and would not give a receipt. We started paying them $125 a month. Within two months, we got summoned for the full amount. When we explained to the judge what was going on, we were told to continue to pay monthly. Now, it is paid in full, but the collection agency got a different judge to directly withdrawn from out account without our knowledge. We moved out of state with a job transfer and got no summons or notification. Since it was already paid, we didn't tell them we moved. Can we get out money back or stop them from doing it again?

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i guess it depends on the state. I live in Ky and under Ky law you can be garnished for up to 25 percent of your disposible wages those are the wages you have after everything else comes out. I am being garnished right now and its killing me

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Hi! Did you have a question of some sort?

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