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Bella Financial or Superior Debt Services - Whom to work with?

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I was in touch with two debit companies today one was Bella Financial out of Dallas TX, the other was Superior Debt Services in OK. Superior Debt Services offered credit repair help after you pay off your debt. Both companies charged 15% of the total debt as their fee and they said they could reduce my debt to only 40% of what I owe.

Have you all heard of either of these companies, Bella Financial and Superior and if so what do you think, they both invited me to look at their links on the BBB.

They really need to be stopped. Has anyone tried to contact dateline

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I have had several comments on this complaints board over the past year regarding Bella Financial. There are others who have spent a lot of time and money trying to do something about the way they rip off people. I will not use there names but have no doubt they know who I am referring to. I would at this time thank the both of you. I have never met you but consider you both to be friends of mine. When I first started up with Bella I thought they were the answer to my problems. As I said before, I started with Mr. James Davenport and very quickly got bumped from one person to another to the point I half to look at my notes to keep track. I have been sued by just about every company that I trusted Bella to reduce my debt with. More than one ended up coasting me more than what the original amount was. I want what I paid them to work on in my behalf returned to me. I paid them in the excess of two thousand dollars. I feel what we need to do is contact every news program you can think of to get the results I am looking for. I by myself can not achieve this but if we all contact CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS with the same story maybe one will listen and run with the story. I believe with the way the economy is now and what Bella is doing to people who trusted them into providing the services they claim to perform we might just get someone to listen

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People who have been scammed & ripped off by this company need to call or file a COMPLAINT online with the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE

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Graham how can i u... what is your email...

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I agree 100% with you and the other posts....

There are two sides to this story...

1. The clients who agreed to a program they could afford... hence the reason they are probably in debt....

2. A couple of ppl at DBD are crooks... and they do tend to not tell the truth... they tend to sugar coat the program...

Sincerely yours......

Someone who was a successful Debt Settlement negotiator!!!!

dallas, tx

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Hi when you say a couple of ppl are crooks do they have names, and why do you two not have names and if you have email addresses what are they so we all can get in touch with you thanks.

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It hurts my heart to see all these stories about Bella Financial, but they are true. I walked away from Bella because of their improper & illegal business practices. I am not unhappy or mad at them, I just did not agree with the way they ran their business. Unfortunately, it is true that they continue to take money after the fact. They took money from clients that had filed bankruptcy, which is illegal. Mike Hauser is all about the money, I learned that first hand. I cried after I spoke to a man that had a heart-attack and stroke back to back and it paralyzed him for life. He cried on the line with me and it broke me apart. He worked hard labor and after his unfortunate health issues, he could no longer work. I went and spoke to my manager, who did nothing, then I sat down and talked to the owner-he told me and I quote, "We have to get rid of the dead beats, let him get sued, that's not my problem." I went so far as to ask if we could give him an extension or something until he had some type of income, and that was a no-go! I was very dissapointed and even compared to another employee that used to work there, that cared more about the clients and their debt, than Mike Hauser and getting rich quick. They flat out don't care and when you care more about the client, you won't be there long. Hauser is money hungry and always will be. He is a power-house with money & money talks. He knows how to work his way around everything. That said-I want to make sure people know that yes they will do anything and everything they have to do to get money-after all that is how we got paid. The only time I saw checks being written to the clients is when they went to the Attorney General and complained. They would highly prefer to wait until you get sued to take care of you. I wish, (after reading these blogs) that I knew the insurance company, but I don't sorry. I only remember those that were no Good. Oh, I saw that Georgia (thank you I do remember your difficulties)-mentioned me earlier in the blogs-I am Crystal (and not ashamed), and I did care quite a bit about my clients, because I have been there. That is why it was so easy for me to understand. There were clients that made it through the program with a breeze, but every client has a different lifestyle and a different story. I am open to anyone who needs any information that I can give to help. Gjwestham9, I do apologize, but I have been extremely busy and will take out time to get that information to you. I hope I have been somewhat helpful. If they own this website who cares. I have and always will stand up for what I believe in Debt Settlement or No Debt Settlement-wrong is wrong.

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Dear Crystal what a great story about what Bella Financial did to you and so many others. You saw first hand how they treated people and what goes around comes around is the old adage. They are the worst company and most unfeeling people I have ever known. Thanks foor speaking up

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Too bad the people that debt settlement compaines have helped aren't here telling their story. Don't always believe what you read.

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