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hey all,

I had to evacuate today--we packed up the kids and the dog and ended up in Little Rock, Arkansas. The hurricane is supposed to make landfall pretty close to our house, so it wasnt a question of if, but when to leave. Anyone else had to take off, or planning to? Post up in here so we can keep track of everyone.

We're planning to spend at least a few days here, long enough hopefully to see what the next storm, TS Hannah, is planning to do. If that one goes into the Gulf, we're gonna be hanging out here for that one too I guess. Wish us luck--we lost our house and nearly everything we owned in Katrina, and are hoping to avoid a repeat....

skydivr here--we made it back fine last saturday to find only minor damage to the house. A bunch of shingles blown off and the fence all around the back yard is now assuming the prone position, but that seems to be about it. But I work in a plant, and for some reason they arent shutting anything down for Ike, although we arent in the direct path we are still in a spot that will get some good winds. So I am at work right now, where I will be the next three nights after tonight too...hoping that this weekend will not be too bad out here.

Good luck to all you guys and gals that are looking Ike in the face....keep us posted!

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