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Payday loan hell in NJ - Received Refund

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Sent all my letters July 27th. Three days later received $475 refund (overpaid above principal I owed) along with Confidentiality letter. They will send PIF letter upon receipt. What a surprise that was.

Waiting to hear from the others. Had a problem with cell phone and can't receive messages right now, and haven't received any e-mails.

Thanks to everyone here for your help. Will keep you posted as I receive responses.

There is life after payday loans......:D

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Good Morning!
I saw this site last week, and yes I am in the same payday loan boat.
I just found out they are prohibited in NJ. I would not have know if I had not been looking for a solution out. And since I have found out so much information . I Thank you all.
I have 5
Ace- 250- pay off- 325 -paid already 425 plus 50. paydown
Beacon-250-pay off 325- paid already 300
Ameriloan-250-pay of 325 - paid already 300
And this is my second take out of a loan on each of them I paid off and got another loan with Ace it is my third time with them!!! No wonder it was easy to get!!!!
These are the other 2
Payday loan yes- 200- paid 120 -just got them
ABCpayday loan- 200 paid 120
Please someone tell me what I can do . I see some of you were talking about a letter?? where do I find this letter. Some say to close my account!!! God Bless you for all your information...

I am assuming you are from N.J., therefore, ALL payday loans are prohibited in your state, click the link below to read your payday loan laws:
http://www.paydayl CLICK HERE to find out how to deal with illegal lenders.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Yes, I am from Jersey!!
I am also new to this so I may have put a note somewhere else. I was lost, sorry!!!
what letter do I use for these payday loan companys??? I looked at the letter list but not sure which one to use.. I want to get them out before next week.
Please help!!! and Thank you so much!! I have been reading other posts.
I will close my account this week!! You said to ask for a Hard Debit close. right!!

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