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How are you managing your finances to pay the utility bills during the current situation of rising prices and sagging economic condition?

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Prices of fuel along with our daily necessities are rising. It is becoming that more difficult for us to pay the utility bills on time. How are you managing your finances to pay the utility bills? Share the ways that you have devised to pay your utility bills on time.

Its very hard but I sometimes find myself askin fam 4 help and that gets old always askin people when they have bills themselves. Mininum wage needs 2 b 10 dollars. Cuz that's all they want 2 pay u iz 6.25 and dats not enough even wit 40 hrs.

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mbryant2 mbryant2

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"Cut Backs" is the answer. I cut back on everything. From air freshener to zippers and everything in between. I am also loosing weight that I wanted to do by doing this. I have to live below my means, and to be honest I like it. It is less stressfull and I am also getting out of debt this way. The old saying of "Less is More" is VERY, very true.

I am going to make, we all can make it. Give this a try and remember I love you all.

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