4 Things to know before you apply for a debt consolidation loan

1.How to Apply:

You can apply for the loan at a bank of your choice. Normally, you will get the best rates with the bank, where you have a good payment record or the one that holds your mortgage.

2.Documents or paperwork is needed:

Usually the lenders require the following documents.

  • your employment letter
  • letters from your different creditors or repayment agencies
  • Your recent credit card statements

However, depending on your credit history each lender might require different documentation.

3.Bank offers less interest rate on secured loans:

If you have several unsecured debts you should combine them and convert that into a secured debt. Banks set lower interest rate on a secured loan.This is because, if you fail to repay the loan amount, they can get the money back by simply selling off the security you have deposited against the loan amount.


Go for the loan that would help you in paying off your debts within three years.

Last Updated on: Tue, 5 Jul 2016