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Zwicker and Associates hararssing me to repay all my debt

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I was contacted by Zwicker and Associates to collect an american express debt. They want the entire balance now. They looked up my credit report and are hounding me to transfer the amount to other credit card company balances. What are my options to repay this debt? They said if they do not get the total amount within 7 days they will start process to put a lien on my house and take me to court to collect the money through the courts.

It is very possible to earn in excess of $100K working collections...I did for several years. However, it was not the jerks that made the was collectors like myself who worked and negotiated with debtors.

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Zwicker is the bottom feeders of the scum collectors. If you have no assets do not set up a payment arrangement with them. Know your rights.
They don't want to waste their time getting a judgment they can not collect.

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I got my first call today from these guys. I know only because the phone number is on my caller ID. I havae filed bankrupcy on all my credit cards. My boyfriend doesn't have to do anything on his because he is on total disability and the lawyer said it would be a waste of money for him to file because they can't touch his SS disability.
I have just had it with people like them. They think the world is great. Look at the people without jobs and they are so greety they want all they can get.. Not from me that won't I have a great lawyer and he is right on this,.

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All debt collectors are not scumbags anymore than all debtors are deadbeats. Man up and pay your bills.

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"Man up"? Let's see the CC card companies repay THEIR bills.
Like the billions they owe the Taxpayers. And then the extra billions and trillions in damages for irresponsible, predatory, usurious lending practices. And then go back under your rock.

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Do not pay anything to Zwicker and Associates without talking to a lawyer first. Zwicker and Associates is being investigated by consumer attorneys who care about people like you. For more information about Zwicker and Associates you may contact aConsumer Attorney for a free consultation with no obligation.

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I recently filed a lawsuit against Zwicker for FDCPA violations. \

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I have a fresh case with Zwicker and Amex. During the first conversation I was told that they no longer accept complete settlements, Amex is no longer doing this. Is this a bluff ? Collector is "offering" to speak with Amex and help me get enrolled to 6-month long Amex "customer care" program, definitely a good deal and I know about this program, it is 0% for 6-months, but as I might be in a position to settle my debt at 50%, I would like to push that one forward, but the guy keeps telling me that it isnot an options anymore. Any feedback appreciated .....

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you have to contact the original creditor, they are who is responsible for supplying you with information in regards to the credit reporting because the original creditor is who does the credit reporting, not z&a

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What percentage should I pay Zicker on my Amex card?

Sub: #30 posted on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 22:33


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