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Terms of Services

We request our community members to follow the rules and guidelines to help us maintain a quality platform.

All users are requested to abide by the following set of rules:

There are two kinds of signups "Community sign up" and "Counseling sign up". If you do a "Counseling sign up" your name, email address and phone number will be given to a company advertising on the DebtCC website. The company is going to call you on the phone and send you email, explaining you the services they provide and hoping that you use their services. You are under no obligation to use their services.
InterNext Technologies INC gets paid a advertising fee for companies to advertise on the site and does not get paid per referral.
In forums or comments do not use abusive language.
Respect and appreciate other community members.
Please try to use your own words while posting in the forums.
Please try to avoid posting extract from any press release, email, newsletter, web page in the forum (since it might be copyright material). Instead you can give an external link (in deactivated form) to a related page or express it in the forums in your own words. Any such copy-pasted materials found in the forums are liable to be deleted or replaced with a related link (in deactivated form).
Please try to avoid posting of the same content repetitively in the forums. Instead try to give link to the original post or use your own words. Any repetitive or duplicate post in the forum is liable to be deleted or replaced with a related link of the forum.
Clickable or non clickable links: Links to government, law and other informative and relevant sites can be kept clickable. Links to all other sites should be kept non clickable. To avoid the possibility of arguments on the issue of relevance of a link it is left to the sole judgment of the site admins.
A member can add upto 4 signature links to his/her account. Please avoid giving links of competitive websites and forums in your signature and try to maintain relevance of the signature link with our site. Promotional signature links of competitive sites/forums are subjected to deletion. Industry Professionals/Expert participants are allowed to add signature links provided they get required approval from Mike ( or Jason (
Direct or whispering promotional posts will be deleted without any notice.
Payday Loan or related Industry is against our ethical belief. We believe that this industry does more harm than good to people of USA. So, any form of promotion of payday or related industry/company either through posts or signatures will not be entertained in our forum.
Please don't share your personal information like email id or phone number or address in the open forum as it may hamper your personal security. Any such information would be deleted by the admin or moderator.
In case of arguments, decision of the site admins will be considered as the final verdict.
Our forum is an open platform thus messages posted in it are the sole opinion of the poster (author) and he/she is fully responsible for it. The comments are not endorsed by or our parent company InterNext Technologies INC.

We do not assume any duty for enforcement of rules or to filter users statements; all statements are merely the opinions of the authors and website is merely providing a forum for the venting of such opinions. Not all users are equally sophisticated in their manner of written expression, and some may resort to hyperbole in their expression of distaste regarding the activities of others, but these must be taken not as representations of fact, but merely the (perhaps excessively emotional) outburst of pure opinion. In any case, and without limiting the power of the administrative staff of the website to remove statements if they be found offensive, neither the administrative staff nor the website/InterNext assume any duty with respect to expressions others may find offensive or defamatory, or any liability for the expressions of the views of the authors, who must be held solely accountable for their actions.
Any email related to community can be posted under forums as we work as a community and all communication should be made available to the community. (eg:
You certify that you are 13 years of age or over. All those individuals under 13 years of age will need a full release form from their parents before posting any messages. This is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA).
You agree not to hold InterNext/DebtConsolidationcare or its members liable for anything stated within the forums.
You are responsible for your own posts and agree not to hold InterNext (owners of liable for any messages posted. Posts once posted will not be deleted upon request until and unless the content of the post violates TOS guidelines or admin gets completely convinced.
We put the system online in good faith, please use it in good faith.
Please do not make any personal attacks to any individuals in the forum. Also refrain from revealing personal information in the forum.
Google Adsense Program: Debt Consolidation Care has no affiliation with any payday loan companies. The ads are generated by the Google adsense program. Adsense bots crawl the pages and show the ads that are relevant to the content. We have no control over the google ads system. For more information, you can visit Google Adsense Faq.
You are not allowed to advertise competing websites on DebtCC Forums, Wiki, Blogs, Private Messages or by any other means through the website. All private messages pass through an automated scanner to check for competing websites being advertised. Our automated scanner will alert us whenever anyone seems to violate the policy. It's a humble request to everyone to follow the guidelines.
Do not take any advice you receive in this forum as legal advice. Please consult with an attorney licensed to practice law to take legal advice.
SameBox response: Many times companies or individuals have insinuations posted against them. To be able to counter them effectively we have SameBox response program. So that the response can be made by the target of the insinuation in the same posting box. By allowing the response in the SameBox we are hoping it would maintain the context and help the larger community clear up their doubts without resorting to censorship. If you are an individual or a company who wants to make an SameBox response you will need to give proof of your identity to InterNext and the response that you want posted. Once we verify the proof of your identity we will make the SameBox response on your behalf. To start the process of doing a SameBox response send an email to with "SameBox response" by "your identity" on "the url" as the subject of the email.