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Hi, checked my answering machine tonight---remember I only use this phone line for internet and fax but have had it for years and years so all my bill collectors and collection agencies have it--I never answer. Have it set up to where the ringer is off and I never have to hear it. I have an answering service hooked up to it so I still do check my messages. I have another line that is private that family and friends have if I am needed. anyways, tonight I got a message that was left on it yesterday.
The number they left for my husband to call was

The guy sounded really rude and demanding. Just said for him to call and hung up. I called the number back and got an answering machine. It said it was 'cytell corporation'?? I know I didn't spell cytell right but am spelling it the way it sounded. Thats not who he said he was with on the message though--- I couldn't make out who he said he was with. It was two names and I couldn't grasp the first part but the second part was 'action'...something-action@866-254-5287
(on my caller ID the number was 650-6240-think thats a cell number).
thanks so much, shirley

Shirley, & all: if this so-called company claims they are collecting on a debt... be smart! Do not admit you have a debt of any kind and have them send you something in writing so you can respond via Cert.Mail & ask that they VERIFY your debt.Now, this is very important that they do this; if they don't verify a debt - they have no right to it. many companies claim to "buy" your debt from Credit Card Companies - when in fact you send them some $$ and they turn out to have NO Affiliation w/your debt. - you just got suckered!!

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Along with the number you provided for National Action, could you also please provide the fax, or address if you have it. That way, if someone else is having problems, and does a search, they'll be able to send off a cease & desist letter.


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Teleport Teleport

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I have NO idea why these people are calling me. I've always paid my debts and my credit report/score is excellent. Any ideas?

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Check if the company is trying to reach someone similar to your name. If they end up calling the wrong person, ask them to remove your name from their system. You can also write a letter to make your point more appropriate.

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anthony anthony

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This is a SCAM, do NOT REPLY... they have been calling me three times a day for six months, yes it's annoying but it's a SCAM and they put the fear of god into you if you return the call, and I feel sorry for elderly people who may fall victim to these jerks, they are simply looking for personal info so they can break into your bank account,

DO NOT RESPOND, and I've called the phone company to report them and there is NOTHING I can do to keep them from calling me, and it's so upsetting to get so many messages on my machine from this angry guy's recorded message saying, "It is imperative that you call back today, or legal action will be taken as a result of your lack of response".. well he's been leaving the same message for six months... duh.. this is a scam, do NOT respond.... do not let your curiosity get the better of you, it's a prepaid card number, so they can escape any legal capture, stay away from the is number....

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Shirley .. this guy has been calling my mother non stop for about 2 months and then somehow got my grandmothers number and will not stop.. I've already threatened with a law suit so if you figure something out please let me know

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Make some proof before filing legal case against the debt collector. Send a cease and desist letter to their mailing address. They will violate the law if they call after receiving your letter. This will give your legal case against them more intensity. Consult a lawyer dealing with lawsuits of fdcpa and FCRA violations. This article from the FTC will sound helpful

https://www.ft bt-collection-practices-act-text#805

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keystrokes keystrokes

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also, if you know what number they are calling from you can have a feature put on your phone that will allow you to selectively block specific numbers. In thsi manner you can remove their ability to call you.

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phonguy phonguy

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I have a common name. These people called me to discuss a debt with Wells Fargo. I have never had any business with Wells Fargo and told them so. They wanted my Social Security number and I refused to give it to them, so they keep calling. Unbelievable.

I have reported them to Wells Fargo and now I willc ontact the Attorney Generals office in my state and their state.

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the same # has been calling me forever and its never an actual person calling they leave atleast 5-10 messages a day and say hello, my name is mike stone,etc... very annoying, and im not going to run up a long distance bill if i dont know who or what its for, they never give any details

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