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Alliance One Receivables Management Inc - What consumers are saying

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Funny thing happened today, I got home and found a voice mail from this company saying I have a debt they are trying to collect for a Capital One card I had and they were offering a deal where I only had to pay 50% of the original debt. Ready for the funny part? I paid this debt off June 16th 2009 through Capital One Solutions with assistance from Alliance Financial with several phone calls and a solid confirmation number and received written confirmation from Alliance Financial and Capital One declaring the debt paid in full! Now I am trying to decide which lawyer to hire to sue Alliance One.

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If a late credit card bill has been sent to Alliance One do I HAVE to pay Alliance One or can I pay the company that the bill is due to?? Am I indebted to Alliance One....does that make sense?? I would prefer to send the credit card company money rather than dealing with Alliance One.I am so lost and having to deal with them right now....

I have intentions of paying my credit card but am hoping to have some interviews this week and get a job soon!Lost my job earlier this year and have been tkaing care of my mom because she has been sick....they dont care though.LOL

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Got a letter (well more like a postcard) from Alliance One, we've never dealt with a collection agency before. We have no overdue debts or bills. They say the client is "Your Court Clients". We've never heard of them, and haven't been to court, ever. Tried to call them and got a "voicemail box is full".

Is this some kind of phishing scheme? Should we respond?

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send a DV letter.send it certified mail return receipt.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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"Your Court Clients", AllianceOne collects on behalf of many courts across the US

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Call the court and double check to see if there are any judgements filed against you without your knowledge. If so, ask them how to file a Motion to Vacate judgement due to Improper Venue or Service. If not, put a fraud alert on your credit report and file at least a Postal Fraud complaint at your post office.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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Most of these collection agencies attempt to capitalize by attempting to collect on old debt which have either been written-off, forgiven or are beyond the statute of limitations for collection. Many are scammers who use fraudulent, deceptive, unfair, and oftentimes illegal tactics that are against the law. The best thing is to contact an attorney or law firm who practices consumer law if you can't work things out by negotiating directly with your creditors. You should also consider filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office in your state including with the state these collection agencies are operating out of. Keep records of everything they say and do. Many have been sued and end up paying you and your attorney fees. They don't like it when they are on the receiving end. I have never failed to pay my debts and I have the highest credit score you can have and even I've had these agencies contact me for phony debt that doesn't exist, never did, and wasn't owed. Best of luck.

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I got a call from them about a credit card i was way past due with and i told the man that i couldn't afford but $50 every two weeks. He said and where did you get that magic number. Was truely rude with me i asked for the supervisors number and he started asking if this was really me!!! So i verified who i was and said would you like to know anymore of who i am no responce. So i said again give me your supervisors number he then sarcastically told it to me!!! I never got him, but about two weeks later when i quit answering the rude mans number another man calls me and says i'm having to go to court for it with no subpoena. I told him that i've been making the payments why are they doing this he said cause $50 is nothing and they are trying to move on and wash there hands of this matter with me. How unperfessional. I'm still making my payments. But just wanted everyone to know record everything from them it's so illegal i work at a company that deals with the same issues and i know for a fact that things they do are illegal!!!!

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I will be mailing my payment to the state of VERMONT.on 01/02/10. DO NOT CALL ME ANYMORE.

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you PEOPLE SUCK. why anyone would want you to work with them is be on my wild dreams

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