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ARS National: How is it dealing with the CA calling from 888-238-8232?

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Anyone dealt with these people before? Dell is claiming that ARS National has at least one of my husbands dell accounts. And they claim that ARS National collection agency has mine as well (I have one). Although my husband has four accounts with Dell--oxford is calling saying they have all four, yet dell has emailed me back on one account so far, and they're saying that ARS has it. This is INSANE!!!!!!!!! can I go jump off a bridge now? I'm waiting to hear back now about who has the rest of the accounts. These accounts have been passed around like hotcakes. and tell me, why is this????? if I ask for validation, here we go again. The last I heard (three months ago), oxford had two and Encore had two. This is the first I've heard of ARS having any of these accounts.

sorry, got carried away there for a minute. was just wondering if anyone here has dealt with these folks before? I'm starting to think in the terms of a lawyer---can we say L-A-W-Y-E-R?? if I had the money, I'd jump on it in a second. These people have jerked me around long enough. thanks, shirley

Who is the CA or what's the phone number calling you?

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The phone number on my caller id is "unavailable" "Unknown number"; however on one of the calls I did not answer a message was left leaving the following information:
"Jasmine" with "ARS National" at 888-238-8232 x2436.

I have just filed a complaint on line against ARS National collection agency at FAIR DEBT COLLECTION gov.

I sure hope it does some good because this is ridiculous. I am an innocent bystander being attacked just because someone at some point in their lives used me as a reference. No way can this be legal!!

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You may have to send them a cease and desist. Are they calling a landline or your cell phone? If they are calling your cell phone, you can sue them for $500 per call after recieving your C&D

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ARS National collection agency calling my home phone (land line) from 800 440 6613. They refused to give me a mailing address so that I could send them a formal complaint and request to remove me from their call list (which, by the way, I am on the National No Call List) and since I did not solicit their phone calls, nor do I have any business dealings with them, aren't they breaking laws just by calling me?

I can't stress how vicious this phone conversation was, how rude, disrespectful and down right abusive it was!!

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I dealt with ars national services collection agency a few months ago when they called me over a debt that citibank sold to them. I admit owing the debt completely and told them what I could afford to send and the guy I talked to laughed at the amount I offered. Basically told me it wasn't good enough. Then proceeded to tell me that they were going to look into wage garneshment the next day if I didn't pay them the total amount due, which is around $3500. I then laughed at him for making such a humorous statement and told him that he wouldn't be able to do that without a judge ordering it and I think that pissed him off. So, I said see you in court then! Haven't heard from them since and this was in October of 2008. Good luck!

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But see, the point is we don't owe the debt. Someone else who had used us as a reference at some point in time, owes the debt. We are getting the threats and verbal abuse ... and were told that it would continue until we agree to "pass the message along and they receive a phone call from the person owing the debt". We are not the ones who should be receiving these calls. Well ... no one should receive calls like this, however, it's even worse when you are totally innocent!! I asked why aren't they calling the ones who owe the debt. The ones who owe the debt won't return their phone calls, so I guess they have to abuse someone, so they abuse the innocent??? It's all just so ridiculous and crazy!! These people should be committed!!

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Guest, you have to send them a cease and desist letter by cmrrr. telling them to stop calling by phone is useless.

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Ya ARS National is a legit Collection agency, although they only handle accounts that have been around for quite a while and have accumilated massive debt on each account. I used to work there, so I know what you are going. Collectors go to extreme measures to collect on your debts, even bluffing about wage garnishment and repomen. It sounds stupid but a great amount of people cave in when you threaten such things that's why those tactics are used. Besides you wouldn't be there in the first place if you werent a deadbeat bringing down the economy by never paying off your debts. Most debtors are lowlifes anyways with no respect for anyone. Why should we give you time and patience when you've owned money for X amount of years and show no attitude toward paying it off.

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because your CA is a bottomfeeder that shouldn't get a dime from anybody.

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What in the world are you going on about? We were a "reference" on someone's paperwork ... not the ones "owing the debt". The person that owes the debt is not a deadbeat, either ... just someone down on their luck. So anyway, I can definitely see you as someone who works for such a place. Heartless, cruel, crude and from what I can tell ... a true "deadbeat".

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