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who is usa credit they been calling me alot.. any help will be appericated

OOPs, sorry here it is. I wrongly assumed it was deleted

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yes,but while it says the 19.95 fee will be deducted.the verbage is sketchy about the does say the account can be there is that clause.i encourage anyone who feels scammed to cancel the card immediately.again no specific verbage stating the 149.95 will be deducted automatically.just the 19.95 fees for all the extras.i wouldn't endorse this as a way to rebuild or establish credit.

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I am pissed they took 150 out of my moms account

Sub: #23 posted on Fri, 01/08/2010 - 09:48

Unregistered =2 File a complaint through this site. If enough ppl complain maybe they will shut them down. I am checking into a class action suit. I was also charged 149.95, then when asked company employee direct questions, I got the run around. I now have address and everything. My bank is great. They have a hold on my account right now, nothing in and nothing out. Filed a dispute. And will be closing that account and opening another one since my info has been compromised.

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
usa credit took 149.95 out of my checking account, im trying to find info on this, im so upset over this how do the get your info

they just did the same to me and idk who they are....

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I am a disabeld veteren and I feel that pepole like usa credit that rip people off should be found and punished to the fullest exstent of the law I fought in veit nam for three years and the money I get from the va is to hard to come by. I read all of the info. about this so call lone shark and it dident say anything about a $149.00 fee and the person that says to read everything most work for this compent so dont think that every is as domb as you try to make then think.

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I would like to know how u get ahold of the USA CREDIT people besides the phone number. They have attempted to take 99.00 from my acct and it is an unauthorized chrg that will throw my acct way in the crapper. I am extremely irritated. any answers will be appreciated

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I would like to know how you people can take money out of someones account without permission. I would like to know how to get our money back.. Thanks for putting us in the crapper as well.

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ive never heard of usa credit. they took $149.95 out of my checking account. im having trouble getting a true phone number for them. this has really upset me

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my account was debited 149.95 usa credit and I haven't received anything from who ever this is. I Want to know how they received my account info. I want my money back. I am filing a claim with my bank, ASAP.

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